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How Gender, Race and Family Relationship Influence Fingerprint Patterns

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Finger prints are a unique DNA structure in human beings. Each individual has unique finger print pattern as evidenced by the identification criteria used by various entities. The question that lingers in each and every individual is one relating to what influences the pattern. This research therefore, seeks to prove any influence if there is, that family, race and gender has on the pattern.

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Objective of the Study

The objective is to determine whether race or gender or family relationships have an influence on the pattern of the finger prints among individuals./p>

Literature Review

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In a study conducted on two female siblings and two unrelated individuals, it was concluded that the siblings are more likely to share the finger print pattern compared to the strangers. This is explained by sharing of the similar genes and inheritance of DNA from the parents. In a study conducted on different gender, it was found out that the females have a bigger ridge density compared to men. The implication is gender in a way influences the pattern. All individuals despite the races have one of the categories of the fingerprints pattern therefore, race does not have an influence. The categories are either whorl or loop or arch or double loop. This differs according to the DNA of each individual and not their race.


All human beings are termed unique from each other; therefore there is a reason to determine some similarities that exist among in an effort to study their behavior. This study focuses on the fingerprints similarity.

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Fingerprints patterns are part of the DNA of the human beings therefore, are determined by the family. The only parity that gender influences are the density of the ridges where all women are found to have a denser one that the males.

Buy custom How Gender, Race and Family Relationship Influence Fingerprint Patterns essay

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