A case study is an academic paper that is based on investigation and requires students to apply theory to real-life or imagined situations. It is widely used in various disciplines but particularly common in management, marketing, business classes, psychology, anthropology, and social studies. Usually, there is a real or fictional scenario or a business problem, and a student has to solve it thanks to their own critical thinking, analytical evaluation, and application of the concepts that they have learned in the class. There might also be guiding questions that must be addressed in case study essays. Case studies are interesting assignments since they allow to practice. But this feature makes them challenging for many students to cope with. If you also need help with writing a case study, the team of Superb-Essays.com is here for you. We know how to boost your performance and can make your life easier.

What Is a Case Study Assignment All About?

Let us have a closer look at case studies. These are scenarios or situations that focus on a particular event, individual, community, etc., and happen in a certain professional context. They are built around one or several issues, which a student has to identify, examine, research, as well as describe, compare, or solve by giving recommendations. The paper should be based on theoretical knowledge, the understanding of relevant concepts, and specific context of the case study.

In order to write a case study successfully, one has to determine a key issue in the given situation. To do it, one has to answer several questions:

  • What happened in the case?
  • Were the actions effective in the situation at hand? Why?
  • What are the results of the actions taken?
  • What was overlooked in the case?
  • Did the action comply with the professional standards and regulations?

No matter whether you need to complete a case study in management, marketing, or business, they all should be processed this way: analysis, research, and solutions. Check out any case study example, and you will easily notice these three elements in it.

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A Research Paper vs. a Case Study: What Is the Difference?

Some students have trouble differentiating research papers and case studies. But these are completely different academic papers despite the fact that they both involve analysis and research. Let us have a look at how to distinguish these papers:

Research Paper

Case Study

It is a systematic study of a topic or phenomenon.

It is a research tool that is used to examine a particular individual, event, organization, action, etc.

It is aimed at contributing to the knowledge about a topic and deepening the understanding of it.

It is aimed at solving specific issues and understating the complexity of a given situation.

It is a rather broad study.

It is a rather narrow study.

Research papers rely on both qualitative and quantitative data.

Case studies rely mainly on qualitative data gained through interviews, observations, and analysis of documents.

The conclusions of a research paper can be generalized to a wider population.

The conclusions of a case study apply only to the given situation and context.

We hope that this comparison makes the difference clearer to you. But you can also check out a case study example to ensure you fully understand what this type of paper looks and sounds like.

Types of Case Studies Explained

Case studies are the general name for a group of academic papers, which have a similar overall purpose and research approach. But this group unites a variety of paper types. Before you write a case study, find out which type is yours depending on the objectives you aim to achieve.

  • Historical

As the name suggests, this type of case study should be focused on a past event that is limited in time and location. One has to analyze it from different perspectives to explore change, development, or continuity. A historical case study example is a paper focused on a historical controversy.

  • Problem-oriented

The objective of a problem-oriented case study is to solve a real or theoretical issue that a person or an organization faces. It requires an in-depth analysis of a situation from various perspectives to offer an informed solution.

  • Cumulative

Cumulative case study essays are based on the research of multiple sources to have a comprehensive understating of a certain practice or action. In other words, it is the analysis of several similar cases that are compared to shed light on a single phenomenon.

  • Critical

Such papers are aimed at determining cause-effect relations in a certain instance. A researcher has to look into the factors affecting the case and the consequences that they had. It allows identifying a bigger issue or question the existing knowledge about the topic.

  • Illustrative

These papers are the tools for collecting primary data. The objective of this case study is to show the situation as it is and note down the observations. It does not focus on analysis or establishment of connections between actions.

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Case Study Format: What It Should Include

There are two case study formats that are commonly used. One of them is essay-like and includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The other one is more elaborate and consists of:

  • Executive summary. It is a one-page summary of the entire case study, including the problem researched and the conclusions.
  • Background. Start introducing a case study by providing the most important background data from the scenario.
  • Case assessment. Mention the problems that you have identified and explain why something is off.
  • Alternative solutions. Suggest ways to improve the situation or solve the problem. Support your recommendations with evidence.
  • Conclusion. Sum up the analysis and the options. Indicate the alternative that is the best to proceed with.
  • Implementation. If needed, provide a specific implementation plan for the chosen alternative.
  • References. List the sources used to complete the case study.

You might wonder, “Which format should I choose?”. You should choose between the options depending on your topic, discipline, and scenario that you study. Alternatively, you may consult with your professor.

How Do You Write a Case Study?

Let us get down to how to write a case study. If you have enough time and follow these writing steps, it can be fairly easy to do.



Read or choose a case to study

Your professor might assign a specific case for you to analyze. If not, choose the scenario that interests you and is related to your class.

Define the problem

Your paper should strive for an objective to solve a problem. Identify the issue in your case and formulate what exactly you are to achieve in your study.

Analyze the issue at hand

Analyze the situation and do research if necessary to see how the theory applies to the given scenario.

Link the findings to the case

Use the collected information to apply to the scenario and offer recommendations for its improvement. Make clear references to the theory.

Draft the paper

Decide on the way to organize information and create an outline. Then, do the writing while following your plan.

Edit and proofread

Once the draft is ready, do not submit it just yet. Do the editing after a brief pause. Correct the formatting and polish grammar too.

If you feel like your paper meets the requirements of the professor and does not contain any mistakes, you are now ready to submit it. If, however, you stumble at any writing stage and need professional help, you are welcome to use the writing service of Superb-Essays.com.

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Writing a Case Study Outline

If you are assigned one of those case study essays that should have an introduction, body, and conclusion, here is the outline that you could follow:

  • Introduction. Include basic information about the case, mention the overall issue, and comment on the importance of solving it. End the paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Body. Discuss the relevant background information and the issue of the case in detail. Then, address the alternatives. There should be one alternative per paragraph.
  • Conclusion. Sum up the key points and give the final recommendation. Comment on further actions.

Should you need help with writing a paper in such a format, you can rely on the team of Superb-Essays.com. Be sure that our writers know how to write a case study well and can boost your performance with their expertise.

Introducing a Case Study: Start with a Hook

One of the secrets as to how to write a case study well is to start strongly. That is why we recommend that you begin introducing a case study with a hook. It is a tool that helps to catch a reader’s attention and encourages them to read till the end. The hook is a statement that might:

  • Appeal to emotions and evoke surprise, empathy, etc.
  • Hit with the straightforwardness when you mention a striking and impressive fact.
  • Start telling a reader a story and make them curious about what happens next.
  • Offer a surprising piece of statistics to underline the importance of the topic.

With the hook, your goal is to retain a reader’s attention. Think of who your target audience is and choose the approach that would work best for these people.

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