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Phase I

1        Stars do not produce light but reflect it from the sun, during day time stars are invisible due to the excessive light from the sun. The sun is the only star which produces light. Other stars and the moon reflect light form the sun.

2        Octagon is the closest constellation of stars to the sun. It has excessive light and it shines more than other stars. Octagon is close to the sun and it gets light from a closer source.

3        If the time is increased by one hour – the sun moves eastwards because rotation takes place in clockwise direction.

4        As at 14:00:00, when the sun is at constellation stars known as Octans, after two hours it will be near constellation star known as Chamaeleon which will be 16:00:00.

5        At sunset the sun is Camelopardalis which is 16:00:00.

6        At sunrise sun is near the Cassiopeia constellation of stars, because it moves to clockwise direction.

7        Always, the earth revolves around the sun. During the revolutions of the earth, the stars are blocked away from the sun, this leads to occurrence of day and night. The side that is blocked becomes night, while the other side is day.

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8        The physical cause is that the sun and the stars do not move, but only the earth moves. Planets are the only objects that move. Those heavenly bodies like stars, sun and moon do not move.

Phase II

9        If the star map is set to noon, and then stars are found hidden behind the brilliantly shining sun – it is near the Scorpio constellation. This happens because these stars are hidden by the planet earth away from the light.

10      Auriga constellation of stars will be close to the sun tomorrow.

11    Columbia constellation of stars will be closer to the sun one week later.

12    Sculptor constellation of stars will be closer to the sun two weeks from now.

13    Pyxis constellation of stars will be closer to the sun three weeks from now.

14    Pisces constellation of stars will be the closest to the sun one month from now.

15    Canis Minor will be the closest constellation of stars two months from now.

16    Leo constellation of stars will be closest to the sun three months from now.

17    Gemini constellation of stars will be closest to the sun six months from now.

18    Aries constellation of stars will be the closest to the sun nine months from now.

19    Reticulum constellation of stars will be closest to the sun one year from now.

20    Hydrus constellation of stars will be the closest constellation to the sun two years from now.

21    Constellation of stars compose a group of stars that are arranged in a systematic manner and are distantly placed apart. Rotation of the earth goes in a clockwise direction resulting to revolutions of the earth which brings about seasons and periods like day and night, summer and winter.

22     Brings about day, nights and seasons.

Phase III

23    Revolutions of the earth around the sun results to seasons. The seasons have different experiences depending on the distance of the earth from the sun.

24    Orion is very prominent during summer because sun is far away from the Earth. Evidence which supports this – during the month of October to February sun remains at the equator.

Phase IV

25 Horoscope constellation stars appear middle of the year when the sun lies at the equator. Days and night range to the same length, whereas in other seasons days become longer than nights. Sun draws near the earth making planet earth hot during this season. Nights becomes warm than usual, which is not normal meaning earth is near the sun. These indications clearly draw individual’s attention of his or her horoscope birth sign.

Phase V

26 Days and nights vary in length, which normally takes place in a period of three months. There are many factors bringing across the variation of duration of nights and days.  Seasons takes place differently causing environmental changes in different parts of the world and this occurs periodically. Some parts of the worlds are never affected.  Individuals living in regions with unfavorable season migrate to other regions of the world until the end of that season.

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The difference in length of day and night is determined by position of the Earth as it revolves around the sun. Different part of the continents draws far from the sun while other parts of the continents draw nearer. This brings the difference in length of day and night. Seasons are as a result of rotation of the Earth in its own axis which leads to occurrence of four seasons in a year. These seasons occurs differently in different regions of the world.




Bearing in degrees



5:30 am


South west


12:30 noon




3:00 pm




28  Individual learns many things from nature because nothing has changed but everything has remained the same from creation till today. Nothing could hinder nature from being the way it was set. This is well illustrated from geographical formation of the world.

Phase VI

29  Orion is the first constellation of stars that is visible at night; Scorpio is also visible at night. Aureas is visible after a long period of time because others appear any time when there is a crescent moon.

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