Free «Team Dynamics» Essay Sample

Chapter one

The class involved team work and the professor divided us in a different group. Our group comprised four people. In each group dynamic exists. We faced different challenges like some members failing to attend discussion sessions without apology.  Concerning communication our group collected information from newspapers, magazines, articles. Group two got the information from other groups and wrote their notebooks in point forms. We compiled data and came up with clear information after analysis.

Group 1 data was about communication. Most of the companies’ use the method of communication as a source of information. It is the best method of transferring messages from one person to another using the right channel of communication. One member of the group said that there are still barriers of communication like distortion of the information and also misinterpretation of words. As we progressed in topic search, Professor gave us time to come up with a team work exercise. We agreed to carry out research at Sturbucks, a private company. On the ongoing discussion, we found that it was a bit challenging, and we had to switch to bank. We come up with this conclusion since one of our group member’s mother worked at the bank. First we questioned them about management and how they cope with the work environment. In the findings, 40 % said that they enjoyed the working system in the institution as opposed to 50 who did not enjoy and 10 % were unaware.&nbs; The table blow represents the employee’s responses





Are you comfortable with the working system

40 %

50 %

10 %

Do you use current technology in you appropriately

60 %

35 %

5 %

Are you comfortable with the management

30 %

60 %

10 %


Chapter 2

Application of technology in carrying out the task could have helped in solving some problem.  First, with the use of technology, we could have researched better a wide area within a short time. Use of technology could have ensured effectiveness in the task. Computers assist in compiling data, which makes it easy in analysis. We took a lot of time to analyze the data since everything was manuall. In data collection, we spend a lot of time, which could have been saved through the use of mails, phone calls and messages.  We could have carried our research from the class by calling the employees in order to collect relevant information. The use of technology could have also helped in searching a relevant institution to carry out research. We could have searched from the internet and identify the institution to access information easily.  Technology could have saved us some of the faced challenges (Henry and Wim, 2010).

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Chapter three

Carrying out the research was very difficulty. First, the professor divided us into groups of which some of the members were not friendly. This led to lack of cooperation because some people did not to participate in their groups. From the start, I could have informed the students to select their groups. Each class member could have worked with group members of her/his choice. Some of the challenges faced in the study were financial problem. I could ensure that there is enough money to cater for the entire process. Some of The group members failed to attend meetings regularly due to lack of money for lunch and transport. I could ensure that each group member contributes some dollars. Availability of money could help us in acquiring technological devices, which could have made the task easy. In doing another task, I will ensure that each member is comfortable in the group. I would also ensure that the there are enough funds to cater for the expenses.

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