Benefits of the National Health Information System

A national health information system (NHIS) is one of the most efficient systems that provides individuals with available information about the state of the health in their country thereby protecting them from all possible dangers that can influence their health. With the help of this system people can enhance the state of their health and even in some cases save their lives. Moreover an integrated NHIS will help public health professionals to have a broader and more comprehensive view of the health system ( Shay, 2007, 50).

NHIS pays its attention to the health information itself rather than to the informtion and communication technology.  The main target of this system is developing, evaluating and planning the quality of the health services. Special attention is given to establishing processes and infrastructures to underpin future health information developments. (Department of Health and Children, 2004, 7). Moreover, it is widely known that the usage of the health information depends on the knowledge of the staff from the health service and the surroundings in which this staff works. That’s why, without doubt, the benefits of the national health information system are obvious.

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In the first place, this information is useful for optimal patient management namely for personal clinical care and for preventive services. Furthermore, this information is collected for the sake of improvement of the hospital management as well as for the general issues public health management.

In the second place, with the help of this system medication errors turned down to 55%, moreover, ambulatory computerized provider order entry can save $44 billion a year.

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To sum up, the national health information system makes people aware of the state of the health system, it helps to save people’s lives and simply makes their lives easier.

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