Free «US Custom and Border Protection Plan» Essay Sample

1.Name of the Intern: US Custom and Border Protection

Internship period: May 20, 2013 – August 24, 2013

2.Student’s learning goals and objectives.

The internship with US Custom and Border Protection Unit will help in understanding the major operations in the criminal justice system. The main goals and objectives are to learn about major operations and duties taken by the US Custom and Border Protection Unit and all staff in the unit. Through the internship I will be able to reach the US Custom and Border Protection team. I will do the tasks assigned on time and present the US Custom and Border Protection Unit. I will be acquainted with the daily routine and the obligations of a border patrol, arresting procedure, investigation and judicial proceeding presented by the unit’s police.

3. Student’s duties and responsibilities

During the internship period I will be charged with different roles in the Unit. The first two weeks the responsible for the intern Supervisor will provide me with the police manual, guides and staff regulations. I will have to look through them before starting the internship, which will mainly embody my contact with the other staff and people crossing boarder. I expect to learn the grounds of working in the US Custom and Border Protection Police Unit. There will be special time to practice in the customer service department where I will be accountable for boarding ships to ensure security of the people crossing boarder, verifying individuals getting into the state to ensure they have the required documents and helping the staff to arrest anybody causing insecurity across the boarder. I will be responsible for searching the luggage of the people crossing boarder to ensure they do not carry illegal or insecure property like, illegal drugs and guns among others. During the next week I will be forwarded by the Supervisor to the unit’s office. There I will learn how to deal with civilians reporting cases. The next month I will learn suspect handling procedures. For the some days I will practice presenting evidence after arresting an individual. At the end of the internship I will get the experience working in in escort, patrol departments besides. I will be familiar with the basics how to protect people, present evidence in the court and how to organize luggage search. Some tasks, like presentation of evidence, can not be carried out by the student, so I will have to accompany the officer who is in charge to court for learning purposes.

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4. Timeline.

May, 20 to June, 3:  Learning the operation of the US Custom and Border Protection.

June, 3: July, 1: Training and proceeding with the tasks given by the Supervisor in the boarder protection unit.

 July, 1: Getting the first progress report.

July, 1 to July, 8: Preparing for the Internship in the US Custom and Border Protection office.

July, 8 to July, 22: Carrying out arresting process with the help of other officers.

July, 22: Receiving the second progress report.

July, 22 to August, 19: Accompanying officer to court to learn evidence presentation and prosecution process.

August, 19: Receiving the last progress report.

August, 19 to August, 24: Transferring to an internship place depending on the progress reports and on the decision of the Supervisor.

5. Additional points for clarification.

I will spend the entire internship process being supervised by the officer. I will be reporting for internship at the US Custom and Border Protection unit for at least 8 hour each day. This unit is a disciplinary unit and in case of indiscipline I will be discontinued.

6. Conclusion/Expectations of the Student.

During internship I will get knowledge how to work in criminal justice agencies. I will learn arresting, custody and prosecution procedures. The staff will help me in carrying out everyday assigned tasks. After the internship, I will be able to work without supervision and gain enough knowledge to work in criminal justice system.

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