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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is indeed an important goal that a business organization would have to attain constantly for the achievement of success. It is usually gauged with the rate of complaints from customers about the service or product that is provided by the company. In this sense, a high rate of complaints would show that the company does not meet the needs of the customers on certain aspects of the operation that may lead to unprofitable outcomes.

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In the context of the case at hand, the complaints are coming from poor services of the staffs and low quality of the products provided to the customers. With these issues, it is reasonable that the sales and profits of the business would decrease. The employees would have to realize that the main sources of the sales of the business are the products and services given to the customers. If products and services are of low quality, then profitability is adversely affected in the process, which should be explained clearly to the staff.

As a newly appointed general manager of a manufacturing company, the first thing that I would do is to personally handle the complaint of the customer who bought a defective product. I would ask him to meet me in order to explain the situation. I would also ask Monica Milton, the customer service representtive, to go with me at the appointed meeting with the customer. It is important that Ms. Milton would be present during the meeting so that I could validate what really happened during her transaction with the client.

To handle the complaint, I would first apologize for the misunderstanding that occurred between the customer service representative and the customer. It is clear that it is the fault of the company, not his. The company has to ensure that every department is well coordinated especially in dealing with the customers’ concerns. Under this context, as a general manager, I would admit to the customer that we are responsible for the delivery of the defective part.

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I would also say that we will do something immediately to solve the problem, but as of now we can’t replace the defective part. The replacement is not yet delivered because certain procedures would have to be followed.  I would say to the customer that I would personally call him as soon as the requested part has been delivered. I would sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that the company has given to the customer. It is important for the customer to understand that we are trying our best in serving them.

Now, in dealing with the customer relations positioon for the company, I would choose the standpoint of Jennifer Garland, the CFO. I would agree with her that the sales and operations department should get their act together in resolving the said issue. The two departments have to stop blaming each other and do something to come up with an immediate solution because it is their responsibility to give what the customer needs.

Certainly, the misunderstanding among the departments, particularly the insufficient information given to the customer service representative, can’t be blamed on the customer. Actually, it is the responsibility of the customer service representative to inform the respective departments and process the necessary information to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the product and service provided by the company.

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Nevertheless, the employees should be constantly reminded that profitability is highly dependent on the customer satisfaction. As much as possible, the staffs would guarantee that the customer would not encounter any disappointments or difficulties in acquiring the services or products that the company delivers. It would seem that the main source of the problem is the improper coordination of the several departments and the existing corporate culture that does not abide to excellence and high standards of quality.

Buy custom Customer Satisfaction essay

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