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Naturally, human body undertakes various changes during the process of growing, developing and maturing. It is a common knowledge that the body corresponds to its behavioral changes in relation to, for example, gender and age. This is the time when people start experiencing physical and mental changes gradually becoming adults. The given process is generally caused by the body changes, when some hormones become active and begin their work. Different physical changes may be observed from the tender age of twelve till the later stage of a juvenile age.

There is a need for systematic education of young girls at junior high school institutions about the occurrences of puberty. First of all, it is very essential because their minds are not well developed and the girls may be confused while experiencing something weird. Therefore, a proper guidelines need to be observed. For instance, mentioning of obscene words is no accepted for the lecturer. However, children have a right to know everything about what processes take place in their bodies, for instance, growth of some parts of the body. In addition, their bodies may start produce various fluids, and children should know that it is normal. There is also no need to go to deep into the study of puberty, but the use of proper words while delivering the message is obligatory (Friedman, 2008).

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In turn, high school girls have experienced most of the physical and emotional changes; however, they may lack basic knowledge to cope with some problems. There is a dire need to help them understand their physical and emotional occurrences in terms of their body growth and its reaction. Therefore, the message intended to this group has to be quite clear mentioning the most important aspects of the lesson (Kavanagh, 2004). For instance, everything about the menstrual cycle should be regarded in the lecture.

Subsequently, this lesson is bound to change in terms of the language used by the lecturer. The styles used to put across the message on addressing the juniors and seniors should be a little bit different as well. Firstly, they are adequately treated at their own educational level; hence they will have basic background knowledge and understanding on what the topic entails (Friedman, 2008). They will also know how to carry out themselves in the required manner, for example, how to wear sanitary towels at times of emergency.

Due to the girls’ level of literacy, age group and lack of knowledge in this field of study, they may raise tactical questions related to puberty; for instance, when it may occur, how to cope with different unpredictable situations, especially if they happen for the first time in their lives?

Thanks to the variety of literature, I conducted enough researches and dwelled on the major issues based on my understanding. Thus, I am able to respond to each question positively and open their minds on the basic topics mentioned above. I will make my response clear, stressing the main points. Thus, I can help the girls understand deeply the ways of treating all the changes without fear.

As a girl progresses through the stages of puberty, various changes are bound to happen to her body. The period of puberty is a quite doubting and challenging time for youths and their parents or caregivers. Tremendous and quick changes occur and dramatically transform children’s lives making them involved into the new dangers. However, this also gives the children the new opportunities (Friedman, 2008). A thoughtful listening and proper guidance of the parents and caregivers and lectures on peer education can help children get to grips with this unknown territory.

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