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Overview of the Model

The professional practice model (PPM) empowers the nurses to deliver quality health care through the change of how nursing is provided within an organization. This model provides the structures; values and the processes support the registered nurses control over the delivery of nursing care within the environment of delivery (Lyons, et. al., 2008). The implementation of the PPM in an organization creates a system for career advancement as well as influencing of the healthcare policies and practice at institutional levels. The implementation of PPM in an organization has paramount benefits such as improvement in patients care, and savings in some of cost effective measures.

Most of the PPMs implemented in an organization to achieve similar goals, thus it is vital to note that formats it achieves in clinical settings are specific to the site and the context of implementation. Objective of this paper is to establish how professional practice model or a quality of practice designation such as Magnet drives healthcare change in institutions (Margaret, 2005).  Address how deciding to implement a particular professional practice model, that drives nursing and health care change in institutions.

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Influence of the Model on Change in Health Care Organizations

The nursing care model was specifically designed in order to achieve three specific goals in an organization. The first objective is to maximize the clinical functions of the RNs and to create an environment, which fosters the development of the professional culture facilitating the clinical decision making of the RNs (Laschinger, Almost & Tuer-Hodes, 2003). The importance if this model has been realized through the movement of the nurses from the duty focused residential care to fully enacting the shared governance model that changed their views on nursing (Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee, 2012). With time, the nurses have learnt to stop thinking themselves as employees following other people’s orders to having the perception of viewing themselves as colleagues with professional autonomy and accountability.

The principles of everyday excellence framework have envisioned excellence as a way of being in the world for the RNs working with nursing homes. This framework has the intentions that the RNs are more empowered to implement the professional values, with best practices and caring spirit of the geriatric nursing in its integration into the structure of the long-term support and care within an organization (Laschinger, Almost & Tuer-Hodes, 2003). This framework has the underlying assumption that the nurses working within the homes have the capacity of creation, implementation and sustaining the specific practice model based on the principles of the everyday excellence in nursing. Furthermore, the professional nurses can use the everyday excellence to create a framework for high quality nursing within homes that are resident centered.

The first principle of the everyday excellence is the valuing of its excellence. This principle means that the professional nurses have demonstrated that they value the meaningful work  that they do with individuals living in the long term care through setting that enact excellence in the everyday nursing practices. The professional nurses have guidance in the nursing practices through the presence of social values. For instance, a member of the RNS can espouse dissimilar values on their basis of their social, cultural, educational and religious background. As a professional nurse, they are committed to sharing sets of nursing values. The American association of nurses has articulated the seven vital values of nurses that are similar to the code of Ethics for Nurses with the interpretative statements and lines. Sharing of values foster a sense in the community, therefore, make the everyday principle serve as the value system of this framework. However, it is critical to understand that within the same organization, some of the people might have different values, therefore making these values serve as the chief sources of friction or they can on the other hand, inspire innovation in the organization.

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 Envisioning excellence is one of the principles, in which the professional nurses envisions excellence in the long term care founded on their shared philosophy of care, reflective of the professionally recognized nursing standards responsive to the resident needs and the strategic long term goals of the organization. The main components of this principle are the philosophy of caring, the nursing practices set standards and the resident family need assessment that influences the organizational strategic planning of the organization (Stacie, et. al. 2008). The peopling excellence principle requires that the professional nurses have to consider the geriatric nursing that is desirable in enriching and challenging of the clinical specialty demanding the positions of responsibility, leadership and the presence of the professional excellence within the long-term care settings (Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee, 2012). Moreover, the components of this principle are the personnel policies, the nursing staffing standards within an organization, and the innovative practices that foster partnership within the organization. It also entails the advanced practices of nursing in collaboration to the competitive compensation of the nurses. Furthermore, the other principle of nursing is securing excellence. Thus, principle ensures that the professional nurses secure excellence in their work place through the creation of settings  through which all individuals are given the opportunity to experience healthy, respectful and safety in their profession (Huston, 2010). The components of this principle are the creation of the wellness program and product program evaluation on the workplace safety standards of the organization.

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Learning excellence principle requires that the professional nurses have to thrive in their intellectual climates with long life learning appreciated and recognized in which the specialized knowledge has formed the basis of excellence in the professional nursing practices (Stacie, et. al. 2008). The components of this principle include the personal enrichment in knowledge inclusive of the employees training. Besides, the training could be inclusive of the leadership training, professional development and the enhancement of the lifelong learning environment with the professional system and access to the technical programs and facilities (Huston, 2010). Furthermore, the professional nurses have created an organizational structure facilitating the collaborative practices through fostering of nursing leadership in the institution, as well as the cross-organizational initiatives with the aim to achieve excellence in the long term care of the nursing professionalism.

This leadership unites the professional nurses as it creates interdisciplinary team building. The other components include the community in reach and outreach programs that decentralize the nursing administration and the shared government structures. Advancing excellence of professional nurses advances the new visions of excellence for individuals that are living in the long-term care programs through commitment to research and the application technological innovation skills. This facilitates the equitable access to health care, and benchmarking of the clinical outcomes and information systems.

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The professional practice framework brings the spirit of caring, the advancement of the theoretical knowledge, the improvement of the clinical skills and the leadership abilities of the professional nurses. However, the presence of the social barriers can prevent the RNs from the full spectrum implementation of the professional expertise with the aim of solving the challenges present in the healthcare systems. When the professional nurses engage in the innovative strategies, of everyday creation, implementation and sustainment of the program, they create a renewed sense of commitment to their professional believes and values. This improves their capacity to make effective decisions, and make them be more accountable due to their improved leadership skills and job satisfaction. In turn, this has a direct benefit to the community as they experience better healthcare outcomes. It also improves the quality of healthcare disseminated to the community.

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