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What is an American?

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Each person who feels that he is a real participant of the nation has ever thought about the essential question: “Who am I, an American person?” J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur in his Letters from an American Farmer had already given a good answer. He thought that the American was a new man, who lived in a new way, not as ancient ancestors used to. The author parted all old manners of behavior and received a new model of life. He constructed a new government and held a new rank (Crevecoeur, n.d.). The writer is American because he received education, became favorites of Alma Mater. Americans are a great combination of individuals of all races. This new race of man, as Crevecoeur noticed, was born to change the world greatly. Americans are also called the western pilgrims.

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Let us consider what main features of being the American person are. First, if take into account these words, it confirms the fact, that for many centuries America took part nearly in all world events. Americans are really the nation, which cannot just stand apart. It is not in their nature. This people are to hold everything in their hands. That is why Americans are very active, purposeful and hardworking.

Secondly, perhaps, because of their active position in life, Americans are so well organized and act upon new principles. I consider the American is a person, who entertains new ideas, and forms new opinions. The author of the “Letters” tries to describe this country as people, who for many years suffered from servile dependence, penury and useless labor and at last, they had passed to another rewarded by ample subsistence toils. A nation of immigrants built the new independent United States and constituted a new nationality. Therefore, it is understood that the American is a person, who shares this dream of liberty and equal opportunity.

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From these all, one can conclude that Americans are too proud of their country. The most common argument against this is that they are always happy to help. Moreover, they are not just swollen with pride, but they respect their history and their today’s principles of the nation.

On the other hand, we can observe that another feature of modern American is an excessive self-sufficiency and confidence. The reason is that the last two generations were witnesses of a considerable quantity of achievements in the field of science and technology commpared with the previous generations all together taken. This had made the experience of seniors inapplicable for the decision of new problems of the young generation. Youths know, however, that their life will be different from the life of seniors; that is why children do not consider parents’ experience any more. Very often parents are taught of their children now.

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To make a conclusion, for most ordinary people an American is first – a citizen of the great country with a difficult but cautionary history, second – a good family man, friend, third – a good specialist in some area. “American is a good farmer, a sober, peaceable, good citizen” (Crevecoeur, n.d.). John de Crevecoeur still amazes with urgency of the given in XVIII century answer on the well-known question, “So what is an American, this new person?” (Crevecoeur, n.d.). In addition, even now, an American is a “new” person in today’s society. As I believe, this nation is the free one with the developed democracy and conventional freedom of human rights, with high moral values, belief in God and the Bible. Besides, Americans are simply people who live on the beautiful earth with improbably various and mighty nature.

Buy custom What is an American? essay

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