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A Summary on the Analysis of Language Teaching Materials

Article Analysis

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The article focuses on birth control debate, which existed in Satara, India. Sunita Laxman, Dr. Archana and other nurses visited people and explained the importance of birth control.  They created awareness of honeymoon bonus to individuals who waited for years after marriage before having children. The Indian’s government rewards people for taking time before having time. When couples wait for two years, they plan and budget to take care for the child and avoid malnutrition. Jadhav informed people to enroll in honeymoon package which requires people to wait for two years before planning to have children. Further, Jadhav informed newly married couples that the government gives out a reward of $ 106 or 5,000 rupees to those who wait for at least two years without having children.

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India has a large population of about 1.2 billion but the largest numbers includes people below the age of twenty five. This shows that India has a large numbers of younger and energetic people, who will help in boosting the economy. On the other hand, it will face problem in creation of resources like education facilities to cater for the younger generation. In order to maintain the balance between infrastructures and population, India carries out campaign on birth control. A pilot program in Satara concentrated on customs, which contributed in promoting high birthrate. Health officials carried out campaign to fight against teenage marriage. They also encouraged use of contraceptives and created awareness of honeymoon bonuses. Expert, propose that, in order to ease population burden in India, the government should improve health services and teach people about contraceptives.

The campaigns carried led do a 19 % fall in birthrate per family. The campaign also led to decrease in teenage marriages. Most of the people understood the importance of waiting for years before getting children and the use of contraceptives. Some people like Reshma Sawand, 25, wanted to wait and have one child in order to safe money and live better life.

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