How to Be Successful in Public Speaking

Many people admit that public speaking is their #1 fear. It’s really amazing that they fear public speaking more than death actually. This is absolutely true that if you recall your first experience of public speaking, you will be overwhelmed with the emotions. For some, this experience was so stressful and traumatic that they decided to never speak in public again, whereas for the others, it was another met challenge. Whichever category you consider yourself to belong to, I’m still sure that you will rise to the challenge of public speaking again and again, so you will surely need some tips on how to deliver a speech properly.

Many people wish to improve their skills of public speaking: they want to become more confident and behave more naturally at the moment they are speaking. Have you thought that all of us fear when it comes to speaking in public? Actually, it’s the fear of not being accepted and loved or the fear of being laughed at. However, you can get rid of this fear by changing your attitude to public speaking.

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Follow these Tips on how to Improve Your Skills of Speaking in Public

Define Your Intention of Delivering a Speech

You should create an inner intention, defined personally by you. You should be really motivated by what you do, what you speak about, and what message you want to convey. Besides, you should calm yourself down if you become overly anxious before going onstage. Write your intentions on a small piece of paper and keep it in the pocket whatsoever before you are ready to stand in front of the public.

Work on Your Emotional State

It is really important to be in control of your feelings and emotions when onstage. Do not let your anxiety or fear overwhelm your thinking. If you are the one speaking to hundreds of people from that stage, then you the one who CAN! To become more confident, try to listen to some motivating or encouraging song, or hear a speech of some inspiring person. You may as well read some motivating article/ story, etc. or search for some motivating quote.

Always be Prepared to Improvise

When delivering a speech or a presentation, ensure that you will speak about the things that you know inside out. You should be confident of what you are speaking about. Of course, you should always be ready and expect the unexpected.

As you see, public speaking is really not that easy. However, it is a skill you can master if you want to. Therefore, don’t let this fear of speaking overwhelm you. Speaking in public can be so fun and inspiring. Besides, it is a real life-enriching experience.

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