Home Sweet Home 


Every person has this safe haven, the place where he or she feels comfortable and content, and we call this place home. There is nothing like the coziness and warmth of your home’s walls that welcome you from distant travel or a long tiring day at work. Even though usually we associate “home” with the current place of residence, for some people it could be a flat or a house miles away or a building where they grew up or spent the most memorable time of their lives. Wherever we are, we always long for that particular place, our home, and there is the explanation for it.

First of all, home is about your inner state, the feelings that evoke when you step across the threshold. In the vast majority of cultures, the place of living is described as a person’s private place, his or her asylum that provides the feeling of safety. Home is the place where we feel ourselves the strongest and no wonder that English people have always claimed: “My house is my fortress.” Behind its walls, we can take off all our masks, forget about all our sorrows and disappointments, let ourselves be weak for a moment or stop playing our social roles because home let you feel secure ad relaxed.

When it comes to my idea of home, I realize that it is not only about the place itself but more about the people who made and continue making it my place. My home has always been and is right now my house where I was born, where I grew up, and where my parents live right now. Although I left my parental house many years ago and after that lived in many different places, I have never felt as welcomed and happy as I am at home. It is mainly due to my family who constantly create the atmosphere of love, caring, and joy and because of this home is the place where I can be truly myself.

There is also the idea of home having healing properties both for body and soul. When we feel sick or weak from the ailment, we rush to our homes because that is where we feel care and love; when we feel betrayed or upset, or on the verge of breaking down, we hurry to our home in order to get support and understanding at any time. There could be no medical or psychiatric treatment provided and yet home possesses some magical properties of giving us back our strength, faith, and confidence.

To sum up, it is so difficult to find the place in our crazy world where you can find yourself secured and protected. Some people may spend years flinging from one city to another, from one apartment to another and never encounter this marvelous feeling of being at home, so if you are lucky enough to have such a place and to have people who enrich this place with their attitude, appreciate it.