Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview


It is undoubtedly indispensable to make a good first impression on an employer, since his/her perception of you as a candidate depends on it greatly. Believe it or not, first impressions make a big difference in the outcome, which can be either good or bad for you. Considering the fact that some hiring managers might reject a candidate basing on the interview impression, it is very important to take into consideration interview manners. You should also carefully think over how to introduce yourself at a job interview.

Starting Point at a Job Interview

When you come to the interview, introduce yourself to the receptionist by providing your name and the purpose of your visit. Do not forget to introduce yourself once again when you meet the interviewer. It is good etiquette to offer a handshake, even if you haven’t been offered one. However, avoid sweaty palms, since it might be off-putting. At the same time, make sure that you are making eye contact and smiling politely.

Keep Your Introduction Concise 

Many hiring managers typically start an interview by asking open-ended questions, for instance, “Tell me about yourself.” Thus, it is your task to analyze the job position and the company prior to the interview. This way, you can carefully respond to such questions by focusing on the key elements in your experience that will be helpful in doing the job, for which you are being interviewed. Moreover, having some knowledge about the company will help you to show that you meet the requirements, since you can point out the experience, skills, interests, and personal qualities that they are looking for. 

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Keep it Short

In order to hold the interest of the interviewer, it is recommended to be concise when you are introducing yourself. Generally, a quick recap of your qualifications will be enough. You could also add some personal information, which is not essential to the job. Mentioning the fact that you are an avid surfer is a good way to connect personally with the interviewer. However, focus on the things that prove you are qualified.

It is also very important to show your enthusiasm for the job position and the company. However, do not talk about it for too long and do not talk about yourself too much. The interviewer will ask you if something remains unclear or not mentioned.

Be Ready to Answer the Follow up Questions

The interviewer usually proceeds by asking you more questions. Therefore, be ready to support the points you have mentioned during your introduction. You also need to provide some specific examples and stories of how you have used your assets in order to achieve success at your former job position.

Remember about the Manners

Regardless of the job you are being interviewed for, you are always expected to act professionally. Every phase of the interview might be crucial in the outcome.


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