The US National Flag

The U.S. Flag and Unknown Facts about It

The flag is considered the symbolic attribute of each country making it recognizable as an independent state. In the United States, people have raised it to the higher level when started celebrating the national holiday of Flag Day on June 14.  The American flag has a long history as it has transformed several times since 1777.

The List of Funny facts of the U.S. Flag

  • In the beginning, it was designed as a flag with thirteen stars and stripes on it

Considering the first colonies of European invaders, there were only thirteen of them in the beginning. Thereby, they have decided to represent each state with a star and stripe. Nowadays, as you may notice, the American flag still has thirteen stripes. Does not correspond to the current number of states? Well, it is just to remind of the history of the first colonies, while representing new states with stars.  

  • The color choice

There is no credible explanation of the choice of white, blue, and red. We may only assume their symbolic meanings. Back in the 18th century, red could stand for courage, blue could refer to justice, and white could be associated with purity. Undoubtedly, it makes our national flag more meaningful.

  • They have to display the flag round the clock

According to the US law, the national flag is to wave in the sky from the dawn until the sunset. In addition, they can display the flag at nighttime only if it is well-illuminated. It may sound pompous, but everybody should see the national flag twenty-four seven.

  • The current U.S. flag design is created by the teenager

In 1958, President Eisenhower had to choose one design among a thousand of others. So, he picked one developed by Robert G. Heft, a 17-years-old boy from Ohio. Due to that event, we know the American flag as it is now.

  • The first U.S. Flag on the Moon

Everybody knows that we have been the first to be on the Moon. Moreover, our national flag has been the first in history to be set there. Neil Armstrong repeated it four more times during the following space trips.

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Aren’t you surprised with a number of interesting facts about the American flag? Learn more and be proud to be the American.


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