Practicing Yoga

From this article, you will get to know many mind-blowing facts about yoga practice. Yoga is one of the ancient practices of a body & mind balance that comes from India. The practice of yoga has for many years been popular due to its healing effect on physical and mental health. It entails specific exercises (aka asanas), meditation practices, and breathing techniques. Despite the fact that yoga was popular in the Eastern cultures, it has gained its popularity and recognition in the USA as well. Each year there are more and more those who want to try the benefits of yoga on their own organism.

Seven Facts about Yoga that You Should Know

It Increases Lifespan

It has been proved that a person who does yoga on a regular basis has fewer health problems and therefore lives longer than a person who is not involved in yoga practice. Yoga has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and the heart, as well as on lungs and breathing.

Yoga Is far more than Physical Exercises

Yoga is not only about asanas. Actually yoga refers to a whole philosophy with eight branches, namely Pranayama, Asana, Pratyahara, Niyama, Yama, Dhyana, Samadhi, and Dharana. For example, Pranayama is a complex of breathing exercises aimed at improving a certain system in the body (for example, blood or lymph circulation, breathing, gastrointestinal tract, etc.). Asanas involve 84 postures that can be used for creating a complex of yoga exercises. A nice complex of yoga asanas that are great to practice in the morning is called Surya Namaska, which translates as sun salutation.  

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There Are many Old Yoga Instructors in the World

Bette Calman, who is a yoga instructor from Australia, taught yoga until the age of 87. She even holds the Guinness World Record.

Yoga Is Banned for Muslims in Malaysia

Muslims living in Malaysia claim that yoga practice contradicts their religious and cultural beliefs. That is why it is banned there.

Yoga Reduces the Risks of Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases

A person practicing yoga is less susceptible to stress and excessive anxiety. With the help of meditation and pranayama techniques, a person learns how to restore a body & mind balance and keep calm under any stressful situation. Yoga proves to have a beneficial effect on people fighting with diabetes, high blood pressure, and respiratory diseases.

There Is Yoga for Dogs

In 2002 “Doga” (which stands for “yoga for dogs”) was initiated by Suzi Teitelman in New York. Doga has an aim to strengthen the bond between dogs and their masters. Besides, there are interesting asanas to be done with dogs.

Yoga Does not Belong to Religion

Yoga is rather a science, or a study that integrates knowledge about soul, mind, body, and youthfulness. It helps people reach their body & mind balance and become more satisfied.

We hope this article proved to be useful and interesting for you. Why not practice yoga after reading it?

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