The Role of Money

Historically, money was invented for the convenience of calculations in trade. However, it became a life goal for many people. Money plays an important role in people’s lives now. It can be either evil or good. If money serves only as a means of payment, it simply fulfills its function. If it becomes not a means, but a goal, it can cause many problems. Very often, money becomes the subject of speculation, theft, robbery and other atrocities. It is the expression of material wealth today.

The Impact of Money on a Person

Having money, people can realize various interesting projects, get good education, and make their life more comfortable and safer. Money plays a very important role in modern life. It determines the status of a person, his or her position in the society, and success. Money affects all spheres of human life. Financial problems are actively discussed on TV and in radio programs every day. Therefore, money influences the process of becoming a personality. It may define how the relationship between people develop.

The Harm of Money

Each person has his or her own attitude toward money. They say people can buy everything. However, how much do love, friendship, health and, finally, human life cost?

Having achieved success, some people start showing off their wealth and humiliate those who live poorly. However, you should always remember that everything in this world is fleeting and you can lose everything tomorrow.

Money has caused many crimes. The main goal of the mafia is money. Trafficking in human beings and illegal transplantation have spread all over the world nowadays. These things can provoke terrible social phenomena. Millions of people lose their lives because of the desire to get rich.

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The Usefulness of Money

However, not all people try to earn money by criminal means. There are many examples when smart and motivated people started their businesses and achieved success. There are many charity funds. They help poor and disadvantaged people. Thousands of lives have been saved thanks to donations. Any person can earn a lot of money and become successful, but not everyone knows how to apply his or her wealth. Someone spends huge sums on entertainment, and another person helps others. Of course, everyone has the right to dispose of his or her income, but remember: knowing that you have made someone happy will bring you more positive emotions than buying an expensive thing.

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