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Secrets of the Parthenon

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The ancient temple Parthenon is located in Greece, on the Athenian Acropolis. It is also considered as the main monument of ancient Athens. Building of the temple was headed by the architect Kallikates. It lasted nine years and was completed in 438 BC. The initial project of the temple was created by Iktinos. The building was decorated under the guidance of the designer Pheidias. The Athenian leader Pericles was responsible for having the Parthenon constructed.

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The viewed video describes the history of the Parthenon in details. The narration is divided into several parts. The whole period of the monument’s existence is described perfectly, which gives the viewers an opportunity to understand its importance in the general history of Greece.

The video shows all features of the ancient architecture. The antique Greek buildings are unique, and it is very important to show their grandur and originality. Creators of the video have accomplished this goal. Beauty and uniqueness of the Parthenon were shown perfectly.

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The careful dimension of the Parthenon shown that there are not direct lines and the surface is not flat, but even slightly curved. Ancient architects knew that a strictly horizontal lines and a flat surface appear bent in the middle, when viewed from a distance.  It is also noteworthy that columns of the Parthenon are not all the same thickness. Corner columns made thicker than others, because, they are located on the light background, and must appear somewhat thinner. Knowing the effect of optical distortion, the Greeks used it to achieve the desired effect. Thus, columns, which are located in the second row of the Parthenon’s portico, are smaller than outer columns, and it seems that they stand further than it really is.

The ancient temple abounds witth sculptures. The viewers can see the originality of all its parts. A special attention is paid to the features of the antique architecture. Each element of the temple is one and only, so it is very important to see all of them.

The video also provides the viewers with the information concerning the Parthenon’s plan of reconstruction. Nowadays, the temple is partially destroyed. The Greek government has already developed such plan, which provides the exact actions concerning the resumption of the preserved parts of the building.

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In my view, the video is very interesting and informative. It shows all features of the ancient architecture and helps understand all its uniqueness. The perfectly narrated history of the Parthenon gives an opportunity to realize its significant place in the ancient culture of Greece. I like this video and think that it can be used for educational purposes.

Buy custom Secrets of the Parthenon essay

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