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Job satisfaction and job performance are two interlocking terms, which have a direct impact on the company’s development and evolution. Every entrepreneur knows that it is necessary to take care of the employee’s job satisfaction to see improvements in the job performance statistics. However, there is a need to understand the connection between two terms to see the essence of influencing the behavior of each worker by changing working conditions. In terms of the contemporary competition, there is no other way rather than taking care of job satisfaction as a part of the employee retention strategy helping to grow owing to the dedicated leaders.

There are many factors, which influence the level of job satisfaction and lead the company towards the expedient direction. Sometimes, it may be hard to manage job satisfaction because of lack of experience. It is necessary to have a vision of the assessment process involved in the evaluation of the job satisfaction level with the following transformation of the employee’s job performance. The evaluation of the connection between job satisfaction and performance should be a primary task of every manager, regardless of the stage of the organization’s development. The following discussion reflects the essence of the elements involved in the development of the appropriate working conditions meeting needs of the most demanding workers.

Job Satisfaction Measurement

The starting point of any evaluation focuses on the measurement methods applied to find out the status of the evaluated object. In case of job satisfaction, it is possible to identify a myriad of measurement methods, which can help the company to find the unknown indicator (Artz & Kaya, 2014). It is necessary to apply the appropriate method according to the characteristics and peculiarities of the organization. The business sphere does not allow making mistakes, which means that employee’s needs should become the center of the power pushing the firm towards success. One of the simplest ways to identify the level of job satisfaction is to turn to the diversity of scales (Bockerman & Ilmakunnas, 2010). The company might focus on five scales, which will include current occupation, current payout, promotion chances, supervision, and social environment. Anonymous questionnaires should include these elements to have a comprehensive view on the job satisfaction level among the company’s employees.

Job satisfaction can have both positive and negative factors. The former factors usually include motivational aspects such as recognition, the working process, duties, and responsibilities. Generally, these factors have a beneficial effect on the level of job satisfaction if the company manages them in an appropriate way. Adverse factors include the direct influence of the external environment on personnel such as supervision, the organizational policy, relationship with colleagues, and personal life (Imran, 2015). All these factors create a complex picture of the worker’s job satisfaction level. In addition, while one employee may be satisfied, others may suffer and go through many challenges in the process of fulfilling their duties (Giri & Kumar, 2010). If the company manages to apply enough efforts to make positive factors influence in an appropriate way, it is necessary to look through the list of the negative factors creating tension and stress among employees (Pugno & Depedri, 2010). In separate cases, it is crucial to consider the job satisfaction level of each staff member to create a balanced performance. In general, anonymous questionnaires, as well as informal and formal meetings, are the most accessible tools measuring job satisfaction level.

The Connection between Job Satisfaction and Performance

First, it is possible to envision the connection between the two terms. Satisfaction brings performance when satisfied employees are willing to contribute to the development of the organization and show their gratefulness for the company’s care. Further, the next sub-stage in the cycle includes rewards and other motivational factors involved in the process of appreciating the efforts taken by staff members (Rizwan, Waseem, & Bukhari, 2014). As a result, performance leads to satisfaction and enhanced productivity. The cycle has a rising character, which presupposes that satisfaction of workers increases to the level when they think that the firm should pay more attention to the comfort in the working place. It may happen when the company grows and develops while employees are also willing to see the benefits of their dedication. It means that it is necessary to follow the proportions of the organization’s growth with the motivational methods used by the company to encourage staff members to work (Ziegler, Hagen, & Diehl, 2012). Any motivation aims at satisfying the needs of each employee, which will consequently lead to the improved productivity. In addition, workers feeling care from the side of the company increase their commitment and readiness to participate in the firm’s improvement.

In general, the organization’s performance and overall success are the reflection of the mixture, including job satisfaction and the diversity of managerial decisions influencing the working environment and organizational spirit. If the company faces problems with its productivity, sustainability and has a slow motion of the development, it is necessary to start looking for problems in the job satisfaction sector. If it is difficult to encourage employees to perform for the benefits of the company, it is critical to revise the focus on the needs of subordinates. Keeping in touch with staff members can help to understand their needs and improve the working balance. Mainly, the company needs to consider financial benefits, training, working conditions, and rewards system as the most common sources of motivation leading to the enhanced productivity. In addition, even if the organization decided to change some aspects of the performance to improve job satisfaction, it is necessary to consider change management. Some subordinates may find it hard to adjust to the transformations introduced by the employer. It means that the connection between job satisfaction and performance has a sensitive nature, which requires a continuous monitoring. Otherwise, the company is most likely to lose the thread of sense in building an effective relation between the level of job satisfaction and the level of overall productivity.

Effects of Job Satisfaction

It may seem that job satisfaction does not have a significant effect on the performance of the company. However, the results of the research have shown that an employer must satisfy the needs of subordinates and create a working environment, which will encourage them to push towards excellence. As a result, the organization receives a range of benefits, which cover its aspirations and ambitions towards the achievement of goals. It becomes easy to persuade employees to be a part of the company’s rapid pace in the highly competitive environment. In addition, workers start realizing that they belong to the business growing fast and opening new boundaries in the market. It means that employees gain new opportunities for personal evolution and extension of competence. For example, if the company starts growing, staff members gain a chance for career growth. Personal evolution is as important as the company’s expansion. It is a postulate, which all staff members will understand as soon as they see the interlocking connection between performance, satisfaction, and overall success achievement. There is a need to emphasize a connection between the company’s success and the employee’s willingness to gain success. Job satisfaction allows creating trusting relations between the two parties, which leads to mutual support in times of troubles and unexpected economic challenges.

Furthermore, generous compensation for outstanding workers also becomes a motivating aspect leading to enhanced productivity of each element of the organization. The main idea of job satisfaction improvement is a reflection of the company’s gratitude to the accomplishments and inputs of each employee, which refers to both low and high-level workers. It is irrational to distinguish employees who deserve a reward as long as they are higher-level workers and those who cannot achieve any benefits because they are less experienced (Acheampong, deShield, & Tsai, n.d.). Equality is one of the keys to job satisfaction.


The discussed topic reflects the problem of many entrepreneurs finding it difficult to manage the level of job satisfaction. On the one hand, the idea of the organizational improvements lies in meeting the requirements of the employees willing to work in an appropriate atmosphere. It may seem simple to satisfy primary needs of the staff members and encourage them to work. However, the connection between job satisfaction and performance is deep enough to make a task complex and time-consuming. The research identified the possible areas, which require continuous control to create an encouraging working environment for employees. The diversity of measurements can become effective tools assessing the job satisfaction level of the regular basis. Satisfied workers do not result in absenteeism while low satisfied employees tend to avoid their duties and responsibilities. The accomplishment of the daily tasks becomes a challenge for staff members with a lack of experience. It is the most difficult challenge to meet the needs of inexperienced employees. However, the result is worth taking all steps and techniques aimed at improving the job satisfaction level. In general, the company should not consider a lack of motivation and job stimulation as a cost-saving technique. As a result, it will lead to the destruction of the business sustainability. The success of any company requires a generous managerial decision.

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