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Program Evaluation Review Estimate (PERT) is a method used in planning whereby critical activities depend on others. Optimistic time (OT) Activity 1 should start followed by activity 2 and 7 concurrently. Activity 3 should be followed by activity 4, Activity 5 and Activity 6 respectively. In Most Likely Time (MT) Activity 1 and Activity 7 should start concurrently as they take equal duration of time followed by Activity 2, Activity 3, Activity 4, Activity 5 and Activity 6 respectively. Pessimistic Time (PT) Activity 7 should start followed by Activity 1 up to Activity 6 respectively (Field & Keller, 2010).

Pessimistic Time (PT), Most Likely Time (MT) and Optimistic Time (OT)

In Activity 1 measuring of office room dimensions is done, then in Activity 2 there is estimation of the cost. In Activity 3, Activity 4 and Activity 5 there is requisition of material, Workforce and special tool (Kanda, 2011). Installation is done in Activity 6 and lastly, inspection is done in Activity 7 which goes in hand with customer acceptance. 

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a) Completion Time and Variance

Completion Time

Completion time is the amount of time that a particular activity requires to be completed. In project different activities take different time. Estimation of time can be determined by the agency and complication of a project (Kloppen, 2009). Activity 1 and Activity 7 requires 24 hours to be completed, While Activity 2 requires 33 hours to complete. Activity 3 requires 45 hours to complete, Activity 4 requires 57 hours, Activity 5 requires 72 hours and Activity 6 requires 102 hours to complete.


Variance is how far the number is from the mean (Kanda, 2011). Activity 1 had a completion of 24 and the mean was 51 so the variance was 27. In Activity 2 the variance was18, Activity 3 the variance was 6, Activity 4 the variance was 6, Activity 5 the variance was 21, and Activity 6 the variance was 51 which are equal to the mean. In the 7thActivity the variance was 27.

(b)Total Project Completion Time and the Critical Path

The total completion time is reached by addition of all time spent in Activity 1 to Activity 7, which is 357 hours. The critical path shows how set of project activities were scheduled (Kloppen, 2009). The first and the seventh activity took 24 hours while the rest activities time went on increasing from second Activity to the sixth.

(c)Question Three

Activity 1 should start early as it does not require long hours and should be the first then the rest to follow. Activity 1 and 7 should be the earliest to finish as they requires few hours compared with the rest. Activity 6 will be the latest to start as it takes the longest time in optimistic time. Before Activity 6 covers the optimistic time, Activity one is almost over. In Activity 1, optimistic time plus most likely time is equal to pessimistic time. Activity 2, 3, 4, OT plus MT is less by 1 to reach pessimistic time. However, in Activity 5 and 6 the difference between OT and MT to get pessimistic time is two. The probability that McGee Carpet and Trim will finish the project in 40 days is 98%, because a working day has 8 hours. The total number of Activity took 357 hours divide by the number of hours in a day to get 44. The project will take 44 days to be over (Field & Keller, 2010).

Project Management and Necessary Requirement

Project management is the act of managing, organizing, planning, motivating and taking control of natural resources to acquire set objectives. Necessary requirements are the natural and manmade tools that are used to fulfill the set objectives. They help to determine organizations needs depending on the duty of the organization.

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Implications of Changes in Project Scheduling

This is a method that is used to determine effect from delayed construction. The worst claim that arises from delay is time. As a result, different issue arises and agreement is signed whether increasing time or decreasing (Kanda, 2011). This agreement is made on basis that whoever breaks the agreement should be at a position to pay the other party. This makes work easier and faster for both the customer and the contractor.

Application of Project Management Techniques

Project consultancy assists organizations with knowledge and ideas to improve on their program and ways of management. They focus on areas of leadership that accelerates implementation of organizations achievement (Field & Keller, 2010). The first step to follow when clarifying organizational goals is determination of the long term goals. Disclose any factor that may affect the outcome or other negative issue. It is necessary to list the regulations that match with the organization. It is also important to outline the ways on how organization will benefit.

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General Functions Management

Management is involved in making decisions like evaluation of facts that will work according to the expectation. Management is responsible for purchasing specific organizations products and evaluating the ones to work best. Management chooses standard services and makes decision. Planning is a tool that enables organization to expand and meet the set goals. In every organization, there is a set of management order in which the information flow from the manager to the supporting staff (Kloppen, 2009). In leading an organization, there is a set of rules that govern an organization.

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