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The company, which specializes on delivering flowers, is already very successful in the USA. Nevertheless, the main office is moving to Canada. This is a very important service. The courier is responsible for delivering the flowers very fast and in good condition. In addition, there is a special office where the orders are processed and decorated. That is why it is important to hire new Canadian call center workers, who will be able to receive phone calls, register orders and send them to the office in the United States. In addition, it is necessary to create some recommendations for new employers.

To start with, each country has its own business values. Although Canada and USA are close geographical neighbors, there are still some peculiar differences in values. In fact, Canadian employees who are going to work at the call center need to be aware of the basic differences between American and Canadian styles of communication. This is important for the workers to establish good connection with their clients. Only good knowledge of particular values can help to avoid different confusions.

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It is necessary to remember that time is extremely valuable commodity for many Americans. Thus, in business dealings Americans come to point immediately (Guffey 18). It is not necessary to engage in long conversations or advertise the company. Thus, it is important to come to the point straightly. Informality is another important fact, which has to be considered. Formal conversation style can somehow be inappropriate, because in this business the client needs to understand that employee understand what he needs. Some clients can find it hard to explain what kind of order they would like to make.

In addition, employee should always be friendly and ready to open questions. Some clients can forget particular details of their orders, such as what kind of flowers they would like to send or even what should be written in a card. That is why feedback should always be encouraged. Asking probing questions and encouraging the listener to paraphrase what you say can sometimes help in fast order management (Guffey 20). This style of communication will make the client feel comfortable and relaxed.

It is also important to use simple English and speak in short sentences. For example, use “rather” than “obsolete” and “rich” rather than “luxurious” or “sumptuous” (Guffey 20). Client should be able to understand what you are trying to deliver. That is why you have to speak slowly and have a clear enunciation. Fast speech would not be the best option even if there is a lack of time. Over punctuate with pauses and full stops (Guffey 20). There are also situations when clients are very demanding and have many requirements. Nevertheless, it is always necessary to not raise the voice. Respect and tolerance are very important values, which should always be applied to fellow employees as well as different clients.

Because the main office is moving to Canada it is necessary to create some recommendations for new employers, who will receive phone calls and register orders. Canada and USA have their own business values. This knowledge of particular business values can help to avoid different confusions. For example, time as well as informality is extremely valuable for American people. Some clients can find it hard to explain what kind of order they would like to make. That is why it is necessary to establish good communication with the clients. Therefore, the main task is to have a clear and precise speech, which can also encourage feedback. These are some of the main points, which have to be considered while working with American clients.

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