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Divination refers to the reading of signs to attain guidance about the present situations and future events. There are many divination methods used in the world today. However, I Ching is being used all over world. It reveals cultural influence in China’s region. Many people continue to use it as well as explore the origins.


I Ching refers to the Book of Changes which is used for divination applying a bibliomancy method. The book was used to teach civil service in Imperial China (Karcher, 2000). China’s region of cultural influence includes Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. There have been many efforts to interpret the book and add comments. Before consulting the book as an oracle, one should determine the hexagram through random generation. This is followed by reading the text related to that hexagram. The work discourages compulsion, that is, one is not required to ask similar questions in the hope of getting different answers.

The Book of Changes dates back to around 1000 BCE (Reifler, 1974). I Ching is based on an oral tradition. It is still used today. It has intelligent, sophisticated, and frequently accurate readings. It has even been recommended by Western leaders and writers. I Ching grounds on the philosophy of change as everything undergoes change. Through life processes such as life, development, and death, people can recognize vital patterns of change. The Book of Changes can be utilized to study connections between energies. It uses the standards of Yin and Yang. Yang speaks to dynamic energy while Yin speaks to the responsive structure. Any change can be seen through the relationship between Yin and Yang. When the creative and expansive side is marched with the receptive contracting side, a balanced relationship emerges. Balance creates harmony in life and ensures that people live in agreement with the Tao.

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Consultation begins by formulating a question or clicking DAY for an instantaneous daily reading where no question will be needed. Questions can span across several areas in life such as business, politics, or social events. A person is not allowed to ask questions on behalf of others although one can seek answers to his or her relationship with another person or people. However, one should take time to reflect on personal feelings or thoughts about the situation before seeking answers. Questions should be clear, short, and precise as the oracle does not know what is in a person’s mind. Therefore, ambiguous questions attract confusing answers. The Book of Changes holds that there is power behind everything, constant change in the world, and things that never change.

Traditionally, I Ching was not involved in fortune telling. Some of these principles are used today. For example, one should not ask whether particular events will occur. The focus should be on the impact of the events on the person or the best response to the situation. One can also ask about the aspects of an event. One is required to ask follow-up questions if he or she fails to get a clear answer. While consulting the oracle, people should approach it with respect, honesty, and openness.

Using the I Ching in an inappropriate way is a waste of time, and it one may reprimand it because of the answers they receive from the oracle. One cannot ask questions such as: How do I deal with him? Is this appropriate? Who will win the elections? Examples of good questions are: How will attending the seminar improve my grade? What can I learn from the situation? Should I accept the invitation to attend the seminar? 

I Ching text contains essential aspects of Chinese cultural knowledge. It reveals the role of an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy. It is a reflection of the ancient Chinese wisdom. Most westerners regard the Book of Changes only as a decision-making instrument. In the streets of China, fortune telling is still practiced. In all corners, you can find people ready to draw from the Book of Changes and explain life events.

While some people argue that the book contains superstitions of the ancient Chinese sorcerers, others argue that it includes credulous theories and interpretations of the modern scholars. However, most scholars agree that the book should be clarified in terms of its content and the period it is used. This can help remove difficulties in the understanding of the book. There are people who argue that the Book of Changes may make individuals take the right or the wrong course of action. This translates into fortune and misfortune. There are people who argue that I Ching falls under the category of fortune-telling strategies that lack moral significance; people may be asked to do something they may never succeed in or wait for something that may never come. The results of various outcomes may not accurately reflect the future. While divination tends to make people confident about the decisions they have already made. It also discriminates against outcomes that do not appear common or natural.

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While seeking answers using the Book of Changes, one should focus on the impact of the events on the person or the best response to the situation. The Book of Changes contains three concepts: simplicity, variability, and persistence. The use of I Ching is on the rise. There are people who argue that the Book of Changes may make individuals take the right or the wrong course of action.

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