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The V and A Cafe

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A  V and A Cafe are type of cafes mostly found in museums. These are great places not only to have a bite or coffee but also the places are rather beautiful. Such cafes can be found in many places all over the world. They are, actually, attractive places, bearing in mind that they are situated on the tourists’ base. In these cafes one can always find a wider selection of decent foods and, usually, they are outrageously located. In these places one can take his/her food outside and enjoy them by fountain. In a museum one can encounter many V and A cafes which have different kinds of outlooks. In a clear operation, there are various factors that determine the success of functioning V and A Cafes, especially if there are a lot of them in one place. These factors are determined by competitive basis. An example of competitive factors of  V and A Cafe includes: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost.

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The factor of quality is very crucial in the operation of any V and A Cafe .This ranges from the quality of the cafe itself in terms of the structure and also the furniture inide the cafe. Considerably, on a wide range scale, customers would always want to take their drinks or meals in a smart place, which is still well equipped. Quality also goes to the food and drinks that are sold in a given cafe since no customer would wish to pay a big package of cash only to get a poor quality meal. The employees should also be qualified in the sense of thorough cleanliness and good public relations among others. A good cafe that maintains the quality in all above mentioned aspects would beat its competitors.


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Speed as a factor is very important in the operation of these types of cafes and in the already surveyed V and A Cafes it is a highly competitive factor. Customers need at all times to be served as fast as possible so that they can proceed to their normal works. Bearing this in mind, a clear operational cafe ought to maximize the speed in their customers’ service so as to successfully fit the competitive market. This also minimizes the congestion of the customers waiting to be served.


Dependability of a cafe can be viewed in two ways: first, an institution cannot ssolely survive on its own and, as a result, should have a good relationship with other cafes. It can also be looked at in the sense that also a certain cafe should be dependent on its operation and should not be ready to be compromised in any way whatsoever. If a V and A Cafe creates a good relationship with others to ask any kind of guidance or advice if necessary, it will successfully fit very well in a competitive market. If the same cafe also initiates the aspect of being independent and standing on its own good principles such that it cannot be compromised, it will increase its completion advantage.


Any V and A cafe should be flexible in order to fit in an ideal competitive market. This is because the demands of the customers change with time and, hence, the seller should be ready to move with customers’ side so as to satisfy customers’ needs.

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The cost of goods sold in any V and A Cafe determines how many customers will flock in the cafe to purchase the goods. This means that the café, having favorable prices to the customers, will beat its competitors in the market.

Buy custom The V and A Cafe essay

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