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Inferno Episodes

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This paper gives credible information pertaining to the diverse issues that relate to three inferno episodes that include Francesca, Ulisse and Ugolino. It focuses on discussing the existing similarities between the episodes and the relationship between Dante and Brunetto. It also discusses the contrasting nature of the sin in upper hell and lower hell.

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The similarities in the three episodes

The inferno episodes that were made to provide credible information pertaining to cultural and social practices of the Italian people have several similarities. Firstly, they were created at a time when various communities in Italy were highly engaging in the fraudulent and sinful activities. Secondy, the infernos adopted imagery theme, where social, cultural and spiritual issues were the key elements under focus. This was essential in ensuring that individuals in various societies are able to understand their past activities with an aim of building a cohesive society. Consequently, they had similar social and spiritual beliefs.

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The relationship between Dante and Brunetto Latini in Inferno 15

As noted, the relationship between Dante and Brunetto was not cordial due to their contradicting views pertaining to fraudulent activities. The two had been consistently accusing each other of encouraging these unethical activities that presented far reaching effects to the Italian people. In particular, Dante asserted that Brunetto’s inability to value the use speech was a sign off unethical behavior that encourages sin. He stated that sin of evil speech in mind is a manifestation of fraudulent thinking that leads to ill motives. Consequently, Brunetto stated that Dante’s high ambition for worldly knowledge was a recipe for the fraudulent activities.

Contrasting Nature of the Sin in Upper Hell and Lower Hell

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Dante and Brunetto indicated that “sin is sin”, no matter where it is committed. They stated that sin is an element that presents severe effects in both upper hell and lower hell. Contrastingly, another school of thought holds that the sin in upper hell is better than the sin in lower hell because it presents more severe effects. The reason behind this is that every best gift comes from above while bad gifts originate from below.

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