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Following the study done to determine the role gender and age play in sexual practices, this part is formulated to set out the methodology that was used in the study. The methodology will be attempting to support the hypothesis that gender and age play a number of roles in influencing changes in sexual behaviors. This section sets out a number of topics including appropriate research design, participants in the study, the measures used, the setting, procedures and the statistical analysis of the data acquired.


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The study population will comprise of the general population of the specified institution of higher learning. The term general implies both men and women will be involved. The study will involve participants ranging from 100 to 300 people. The participants will be spread to fit the range of 18 to 50 years. The participants will be inclusive of both married and unmarried individuals, but the highest population consisting of the singles category, to be precise 80%.  The choice of participants to comprise the institution of higher learning is to increase the chance of meeting people from different backgrounds and different lifestyles. The wide range of ages is meant to accommodate the different opinions that may arise from different age groups.


Sampling will be employed. This is because the cost of carrying out the study is cheaper and the collection of data is faster. The sampling framework will comprise of the sexual desire and sexual attitude of people, ranging from 100 to 300.  The study will involve measuring of two items that may lead to sexual practice. In the measurement of the sexual desire, the respondents of the study will be asked two questions. The first question will state, “How frequently do you feel sexual desire”. The second question will state “how frequently do you have sexual fantasies, thouht or erotic dream”. The scale of measurement will include a range or scale of 1 to 10 where 1 will signify no desire at all. Scale 10 will signify intense desire. In between 1 and 10 will signify an increasing desire based on the exact number, for instance scale 3 means less desire while 7 could signify a little desire. Sexual attitude will be measured based o the respondent’s feedback, whether they like or hate or don’t know about it.


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The procedure that was employed in the carrying out of the study included the inclusion of three phases. The first phase of the procedure involved a physical involvement with the respondents or the participants who were requested to rank the male and the females. The ranking was done on the Likert Scale. The scale ranged from 1 to 7 where one represented extremely unattractive faces while seven represented extremely attractive faces. The study will involve formulation of a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be framed in such a way that all the information regarding the study will be included. The information for instance required in the study includes the gender of the respondents. This will require the respondent to state whether they are male or females.

Also asked in the questionnaire is the age of the respondent. This will require the respondent to state their correct ages, ranging from 18 years to 50 years. No person outside this age bracket will be allowed to participate in the study. Other questions includes their sexual behaviors ranging from the type of sex they engage in, whether vaginal or anal, how often they kiss, hug caress and who they do it with. The last step in carrying out the study will involve presenting the respondents with presentations that contain faces belonging to a group of men. They respondents will be required to record whether they would want to meet the men in whether for short term relationship or long term relationship or for only one night stand.

Research Desiign

This is a survey research study describing the role that age and gender play in the sexual practices. Thus the research design establishes whether there is any role that the two variables play. This research design is connected to the descriptive design which is used to explain the conditions that happen presently through use of several subjects and questionnaire. Descriptive research is often used to infer causality, that is, which variables influence (independent variables) and which variables are the effects (dependent variables).

Statistical analysis

A survey will involve a quantitative analysis to enable analyzing the data large data size collected. The following multi regression model will be used to analyze the data:

Y+ A =+ + ++ ε.


Y    Represents the gender

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A   Represents the age

  Represents vaginal sex

  Represents anal sex

  Represents the rate kissing and hugging

ε    Represents the Error

 Represents the intercept

The model will help in acquiring data that will be used in the T-test.the model brings out any relationship that may exist between gender, age and the various sexual behaviors. The concern is to clearly depict whether age would affects the rates of kissing, hugging or engaging in sexual intercourse. The data employed on this model will prove whether gender has any impact on the behaviors that portray. The element of error is brought forth to cater for any exaggeration of information or any assumption or assumptions that may have been made in the course of carrying out the study. The beta intercept will vary according to the element of study.

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