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The Self-Concept

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Self-concept is how a person feels about himself, how one see himself. It is the idea that another person has of what it own character like. This quality is based on the list of convictions in relation to itself, the list of good and poor qualities. People do not necessarily think of person as one think. Self- concept is a subjective view of the person. This quality is formed gradually from birth and may be consciously or unconsciously changed.

However, self-concept, especially if it is about the abilities and potential of the individual expresses a certain level of claims. And it depends on a number of conditions. Boy boastful in relations with his friends, can do much more modest evaluate himself in conversation with the teacher. In other words, self-concept can be just a means of self-assertion, in another more favorable impression of a person.

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Self-concept is not constant; it varies depending on the circumstances. Learning new estimates may change the value of the learned before. High self-concept is extremely important, because it is directly dependent on your actions. When ones self-concept improves, the efficiency improves too in all areas of life. High self-concept leads to certain actions and good decisions. Low levels of self-concept leads to uncertainty, shyness and, consequently, to the uncertainty in the decision making process. Also it is important to be a self-disclosure person. It has its own benefits: people will trust more one who they know and on whom they can rely on.

To maintain self-concept, person just has to mold it deliberately on the principle of auto-suggestion. Because people are not always fair. If one works poorly, one will be blamed for it, but when one does it well, one will reproach in something, because people will be jealous that person is so well-managed. Without the formation of self-conscious, person is doomed to failure.

Buy custom The Self-Concept essay

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