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San Diego farmers markets are market sites located in San Diego County. They operate in more than 25 locations in the county; they sell high quality products that are certified by the state of California. I trust the products of San Diego markets; that is why I woke up early in the morning and decided to make a visit at one of the markets located near Bay Park. I took a cab, and within no time I realized I was at the gates of the market. Thorough search was done at the entrance that was a reflection of tight security in the area. Colorful billboards with clear pictures of products in the market where displayed; big screens with the latest fresh products and commodities in the market were being advertised. It was easy to locate where a certain item can be found, because the items and their location in different stands were shown on the screens. The management of San Diego markets has made it easy for the consumers to know the prices of items since they have presented the prices on the billboards and the big screens. To my understanding, it has limited the chances of manipulating the consumers from hiking the prices unnecessarily.

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In addition to that, I saw people wearing name tags labeling their occupations and their names. Some of those people came along and guided me to different stores with the spirit of business so eager to sell. Their convincing power almost led me to impulse buying. On the look of the streets along different stands, they were dazzling clean and magnetized me to go further to see what was in the market. Inside the stands, there were attractive men and women whom every customer would prefer to say “Hi!” even without the intention of purchasing any item. As I walked along, the sea breeze was revitalizing my mind, and I felt so cool and composed. The stands were designed according to the items of sale exposed and their class. The commodities on sale included classic furniture, electronics, fruits like apples, mangoes, pineapples, oranges, bananas, and vegetables like spinach, kales. In the lists, there were flowers and fresh eggs. There was live music that garnished the adventure together with artisans representing creative wares. Children play zone and relaxing bay for the adults along the beach looked awesome for the summer season. San Diego market is an ideal place for having a meal, the best for dinner and breakfast.

The display of items like the furniture was done using the state of the art’s technology. There was a machine rolling them over alternating in different colors and sizes. The farm produce was displayed in an open ground with fresh air conditioning. Most of the services in the section of the farm products were being given by men and women who had much respect. I noticed that if any customer needed his shopping to be taken to his home, the San Diego’s were ready to do that at some little cost above the rest. The stands appeared to have different values according to the design, locations and sizes. The stands near the entrance seemed to be more expensive, because the technology used looked higher than the rest. Near the entrance also being the first to be noticed by the customers, I expected them to be more expensive. I saw people buying variety of goods; almost everyone I saw was purchasing some item. Due to the influence of the quality of the goods and the people buying, I decided to buy a banana just as the introductory part since I longed for a real day of shopping. I was surprised by the large number of people who came for shopping. The market seemed to suggest a narrative in San Diego source called the busy farm. The per-formative work the market is doing is to ensure the best for the customers.

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