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1. Have you ever faced an ethical problem? How did you manage to handle with this situation?

2. Have you ever had such time when you failed in something? Was it useful for your future development?

3. What projects did you work on and which ones required serious analytical thinking and ethical choice?

4. What book that describes ethical problems can you suggest?

5. If you saw a medical worker doing something unfair, what would you do?

6. What would you do if someone in organization asked you to do something unprincipled?

7. Have you ever had time when you were experiencing a loss for doing what was correct?

8. Describe from an ethical viewpoint, what should the relationship between a doctor and their patient consist of?

9. What do you hate and love in your profession?

10. Have you ever lied for your patients? Do you think it is better not to tell the reality to hopeless patients?

12. Did you work with patients from different cultures? What kind of ethics features do you think is common, and what is different?

13. With whom do you usually consult when there are some ethical questions at work?

14. What is your view about making an abortion?

15. What would you do if a teenager requests birth control pills from you and wants you not to tell her parents?

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16. If you have the choice whom to give a transplant: to a doing well elderly member of the society or to an 18-year-old drug buff – what will you choose?

17. In what way do you think a Health System must exist in our country? Do you think it is correct when poor cannot take a good medical care in the hospitals if they do not have a medicine policy?

18. A car accident has happened before your eyes. You have a choice either to help your friend or a child first. Whom would you choose?

19. Your working day is going to end. Suddenly, your colleague asks you to help with the work, but you had promised your family to come in time. What would you do?

20. Do you think that spiritual believe can prevent in some cases a medical care actions? What do you think of people who beg of treatment?

21. Do you think that all diseases are given to a person for his doings and actions?

22. Do you think that workers must be paid salaries according to the amount of work they have done?

23. If you could raise the salary for yourself or your friend, would you do this?

24. How can you comment on the life situation? A person needs an expensive treatment but he/she has no opportunity to pay for it. You know that this medical cure is very effective and it surely will help the patient. What would you do: stay ahead or try to help?

25. What do you think about non-legal transplantation? Does it help people or opposite?

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