How to Create a Proper Research Proposal


Writing a decent research proposal always seems to be challenging even for professionals. It is really difficult to present a big part of research into a small paragraph. Depending on the length of studying, the format of a research proposal may be different, varying from an undergraduate dissertation and even up to a serious Ph.D. thesis. However, the size of the proposal never changes its general structure that consists of three parts: introduction, methodology, and conclusion. In more serious proposals, the deeper analysis of the problem as well as the explanation of your way out of that problem are always required.

Tips on how to Write a Decent Research Proposal

Look for a  Problem

Finding an appropriate question to cover in your paper is a first step. Focus your whole research proposal on the chosen issue. It will help you set the boundaries of your study. Specifying your field of research makes it easier to concentrate on a limited area of a problem, which, in its turn, is extremely helpful while writing Ph.D. level papers. A simple and accurate title is also required in order to make it easier to comprehend the content, as well as prevent any kind of confusion that can appear while reading.

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Introduce an Issue

Keep in mind that your piece of writing is going to be read by people, who understand hardly anything in the topic. Be sure your introduction is not overflowed with the unknown terms and phrases. If a reader still understands, what the proposal is going to be about, then your introduction is written properly. Begin the structure with the general notions, slowly focusing on the main issue. Remember, the last paragraph of the introduction must clearly state your position in the paper.

Give Details

Focus on the methodology here. It is important not to waste time on unnecessary chapter discussion, but straightly jump to the main elements of the research. Completing a timetable of your research will be quite helpful. You should also provide a small paragraph on the chosen issue, to make your readers sure, you are aware of the problem. Do not be overoptimistic: make sure that your proposal requirements are realistic and you are able to cope with them by the deadline.

Give Reasons for Your Paper

It is important to prove why your research is significant to the subject as a whole. You must provide real questions and give reasonable answers to the set questions. Your research proposal will be not considered seriously if it has no real scientific value. Therefore, it is important to persuade the readers that they are looking through a well-written and argumentative piece of writing.

Proofread and Provide Bibliography

Give the link to the sources citied – it is really necessary in order to avoid plagiarism, as well as copywrite violation. Moreover, it shows your confidence in the subject and gives a strong background of your research. Apart from that, be sure, you have edited your paper to avoid silly grammatical, punctuation and stylistic mistakes. If you really want your paper to be a success – proofread it several times.

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