The Best Tips on Sources in Your Essay

Academic writing requires a lot of solid skills and profound knowledge. You cannot simply begin writing without any background information, as you need reliable sources to support your essay with solid material. Resorting to Wikipedia is the characteristic of weak and not smart students. Rather than that, you are required to make a thorough analysis and deep research, and to find enough material for an immaculate essay. Thus, here are a few sources for you to visit in order to achieve the best result possible.

Learning to Choose the Best Possible Sources

Half Job Done

As soon as you know what you are going to put into your reference list, you may consider that half of your work is already finished. All you need now is to organize your thoughts correctly and put them on paper. The situation will become more difficult if you have not read the necessary source completely and have not spent enough time studying it carefully. The more you get to know about the necessary source, the better you will do in writing.


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Importance of Second Reading

You are a real student if you have managed to read your source in order to get prepared for writing itself. Unfortunately, reading the material for one time will not bring you much benefit, as you will not really perceive everything per one time. Take your time, do not be in a hurry and work with a notebook for the second time – that will definitely help you get only the most significant information out of the source.

Scholar Sources

Finding necessary information on a random Internet site seems close to perfection, however, there are instances when this information is not valid or simply outdated. In this case, it is recommended to use authorized periodicals, such as Economist or Smithsonian. You will get only the latest information there and will not risk failing your piece of writing due to a single unreliable source.

Paper Sources

Besides of online editions, there is a plenty of printed sources that are worth your attention during writing. There are thousands of journals that have interestingly written materials and are easily available for everyone. Here, it is important to understand that using to many non-scientific sources may influence the general overview of your paper in a bad way. Always keep this in mind when using them, as you do not want your work to be spoiled with non-authorized material.

Professors’ Words

Your professors are teaching you for a certain good reason – they are really smart. That is why you should listen to them, their recommendations, valuable information and, of course, additions and remarks to your essay. Surely, you are not required to cite your teacher word by word. For deeper analysis, it will be much more efficient to write down a few quotes and then search for further information online.

Reference Structure

Not only is it important to choose your sources correctly, but to list them appropriately as well. Your professors will take into consideration everything, so make sure that you have prepared everything and there are no problems with your reference list.

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