The Harmful Effects of Homework on Children

Extensive research has proven what parents, children, and their teachers have long known about homework, which is completely useless in elementary school. According to the currently popular educational method, success depends directly on the results. Of course, there are schools and teachers who hold a different opinion, but in the end, the child’s future success largely depends on grades. This topic is very controversial today, and there have been a lot of contradictions about it.

On the one hand, the kid is lost in a huge system that does not pay enough attention to the development of his or her personal talents and abilities. On the other hand, it is not clear how another educational system can be built taking into account a huge number of children. It is necessary to find a compromise that in some cases can damage the success of some students.

Homework System Deficiencies

The future of the child depends largely on his or her assessments. Although teachers cannot verify who prepared the homework exactly, how it was done and how often parents help their child a little more than they should. The main thing that the kid goes to school with prepared materials. Instead of children learning through homework, the system simply requires them to prepare it, which is the main mistake.

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The Impact of Homework on Younger Schoolchildren

Scientists in the field of psychology and neurology at Duke University became interested in the use of homework and have studied 180 scientific studies on this topic in detail. The conclusions reached by them will be very unexpected for some of us, others will say that everything depends on the age of the child. Homework will benefit middle school pupils only if it takes no more than two hours a day to prepare it. Homework plays a huge role in the development of student independent learning skills. The systematic work of the student at home leads to the fact that the process of learning does not burden him or her, the pupil gains the skills to search for information, learns to do the work efficiently and on time. For elementary school students, there is absolutely no use in home assignments. Moreover, an attempt to force children to do their homework regularly leads to a negative attitude of pupils towards the school, their teachers, and educational system as a whole.


It can be concluded that homework is useful only for high school students if its implementation does not take too much time and does not overwork the child. Primary school students should be trained in another form at home. Anyway, if you begin to notice that doing homework brings your child harm, then you can try to negotiate with the teacher about the possibility of revising educational material in another way. In most cases, teachers will understand your problem and will try to find an alternative solution to this issue.

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