It seems to you that telling the truth and being honest with yourself is definitely the hardest task ever. How often do you find it difficult? Why can’t you manage to do it, while most people can? What if the reasons are there deep inside and you just try to avoid something, hiding your true feelings?

Stop Seeking Apologies

Find yourself not doing something because of the feeling of tiredness or maybe it’s again just the wrong time? Don’t feel satisfied even if you’ve finally done it? Have you ever wondered why it happens from time to time? What if you just create the reasons for yourself and simply avoid doing what you have to do? Maybe you should admit to yourself the need to take up something else. It’s high time to stop looking for apologies and start doing the right things in your life. Don’t bother, everything happens for a reason. Why worry ahead of time?

Your Inner Voice Knows Better

Stop lying to yourself and listen to your inner voice every time it says you anything, especially if it concerns your important decisions. Your inner voice may be that inner power which is telling you it’s not right for you and you should make another choice. Unfortunately, you tend to ignore that inner voice, but most commonly it is that adviser that knows how it must be and what is right for you. The next time you have any hesitation; don’t deny the words of your inner voice, it’s better to listen to them.

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Bad Experience Is the Key Point that Leads to Your Changes

You may haven’t realized yet but your previous bad experience is the trigger for your next changes. People tend to ignore unpleasant bad feelings trying to get rid of them as quick as possible and this is quite natural. But let’s keep in mind that these bad emotions mean a lot in the decision making process as only when you analyze properly your previous failures and the reasons that caused them, you grow and mature as a person.

No to Local Drama

After any failure move on, life doesn’t stop on that moment. There is no light without darkness, as day changes to night, as black and white. There is no time for drama even if you feel like that. You may waste a lot of time on unnecessary drama, which isn’t even worth a penny. Next time you are going to that, just remind yourself it costs you a lot of energy and your mental health.

Don’t Betray Your Promises

No one says you are a criminal if you don’t always stick to your promises, but watch out, it may become a habit, and then you’ll have troubles. Just make sure you don’t move away from your true self, every time you betray the promise you’ve given yourself earlier.

To be honest with yourself may be even harder than to anyone else, don’t hide your true feelings and keep growing and mature as a person.

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