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The success that is bound to be achieved by a corporation depends on of the interventions that are resorted to in the course of the day-to-day operations. The principal activities should be comprehended so that the plans outlined comply with the objectives established for pursuit. At the forefront of the organizational interventions used by corporations are diagnostic activity and team building, which are to be discussed in this paper.

Diagnostic Activity

The state of the organization is reviewed by collecting all the relevant information about its operations. It is an approach that aims to detect all the emerging issues that are likely to blight the initial goals (Drew & Coulson‐Thomas, 2013). It is the step crucial for early identification of the potent drawbacks to the plans made so that there is the platform to find a feasible solution. The outcome of implementing such an intervention would be the realignment of the primary focus. Therefore, the scope of performance remains on point to yield all the goals as is the expectation at the time of outlining the plan for the entire undertaking.

Determining the actual state of the corporation could be done through a comprehensive review of all the records of operations, observation of the stepwise progress of activities, and staging sit-in meetings with subordinates to get timely reports on performance. When the intervention is applied, the procedures used for the daily activities are analyzed for their feasibility so that, in the event of the need for better approaches, the change is initiated seamlessly.

Team Building

The significance of the team-building intervention for corporations lies in its ability to ascertain that all staff members are satisfied in the given roles. It is the workers who are key to delivering success for the entity, what makes their satisfaction a company’s critical focus. The expectation of the staff would be better met when team-building approaches are assimilated as a part of the pre-outlined operations (Thomas & Galla, 2013). The typical means of achieving this objective is the creation of fully functional groups within the corporations through which the subordinates work. The effectiveness of the whole group is guaranteed by the development of a robust communication network among the team members.

The team-building intervention efficiently addresses typical errors in the workplace to improve returns. Consultations are often emphasized so that the human error is minimized in the course of delivering the duties. Bureaucracy is limited to create an efficient decision-making organ. Working as team fosters the development and the realization of the personnel’s career objectives. With the help of intervention, no one feels outpaced. Moreover, the development of trust among the members emanates from the interpersonal relationships as a result of working together. All the policies set in the corporation should consider the plights of the teams. Having adopted team building, the organization may anticipate sustainability and long-term profit generation.

According to Rushmer (2013), Tully, Inc., and Disma, Ltd., use the diagnosis and team-building organizational interventions. The comparison reveals that they are similar in being focused on shaping the goals of the operations. Both approached are aimed to identify the shortfalls in the methods that are used for the regular chain of activities as well as develop superior frameworks to get even better results. The primary difference manifests in the method of the interventions. In the diagnostic activities, it is a form of the review of the already done projects, as opposed to team building that is oriented towards creating fresh ideas, owing to the innovativeness of team members. The new ways of doing things are proposed after adequate consultation with the team so that when they are practiced, there are positive results attained.

Conclusively, it is vital that the two crucial interventions, namely diagnostic activity and team building, are incorporated in tandem for maximum profit generation. The diagnostic approach would be imperative in undoing any emerging challenges in the course of the day-to-day activities while team building would contribute to the output. Sustainability would, thus, be feasible to realize owing to the timely modifications of management frameworks.

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