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Since technology is the main factor that promotes changes in the organizational design, businesses are constantly developing new ways of improving their organizational systems and processes (Rios, 2013). However, companies must first establish structures through which corporate decisions can be made accordingly, such as the system thinking paradigm. This essay is an analysis of this framework in light of specifying its merits and demerits and aligning it to the appropriate images of the organization. The paper also discusses the role and significance of ethics in the team’s collaborative process, the successes and failures of the team’s collaboration, as well as the systems or images that caused the achievements or drawbacks of the process.

The Systems Thinking Paradigm

Such organizations as Verizon use the systems thinking paradigm as a tool for identifying and enabling the organization’s capabilities. This technique is used to analyze the strategic environment of the organization to plan and launch the processes aimed at achieving the strategic goals afterwards. By analyzing the strategic environment in comparison with the externalities, companies can develop organizational structures that are sustainable and efficient enough to achieve their goals. In addition, Verizon’s systems thinking paradigm known as the ‘Credo’ has enabled its management with an opportunity to assess the relationship that subsists between the various systems within the organization.

Advantages of Using a Systems Thinking Paradigm

The systems thinking paradigm is a critical problem-solving tool for any organization as it detects the actual roots of the organization’s problems and later helps address them. This method focuses on the organizational structures and systems that cause the problem rather than the phenomena that are related to the issues. This circumstance is evident in Verizon Inc., where its leadership and transformational paradigm models aided in identifying the nature of technology that functions between its employees. Additionally, Credo assisted the management in expanding the organization’s net worth, its product, and the accessibility of its goods.

Disadvantages of Using a Systems Thinking Paradigm

Despite the usefulness of the systems thinking paradigm, it is often not very effective for use in organizations that operate in complex environments, which are unpredictable and multidimensional. In addition, it is only as effective as those who employ it. The latter factor arises because the tool requires that the users focus more on the processes rather than the product, and also recognize them in relation to the system. As Verizon continues to expand, its structure becomes more complex to an extent that Credo is not very efficient. However, by each member of the executive board focusing on their line of business, Verizon has managed to simplify these complexities.

Significance of Ethics in the Team’s Collaborative Process

Ethics in the collaborative process entails the moral values and rules that have been established amongst the team members. This set of rules and beliefs played a weighty role in the team’s project on Verizon by governing the group’s behavior. Each of the team members played a huge role in gathering information about Verizon Inc. as an approach to ethical compliance. As such, every member comprehensively completed the parts of the project that were allocated to them on time. Moreover, all the members participated in the in the project actively. Therefore, rules and value predetermined at the onset aided in pooling the group’s effort together which led to successful completion of the project.

Alignments of the Systems Thinking Paradigm to the Appropriate Images of Organizations in the Greenwald’s and Tosi’s Texts

To align the systems thinking paradigm to appropriate images of the organization, Tosi (2009) suggested the use of instinctive systems intelligence. Verizon Inc. did this by modifying its organization culture. The culture dictated that each executive member prioritizes on their line of business but still align their daily decisions to Credo. This culture served to construct a substantial level of social reality out of the rational and solid aspects of the organization. Through this method, the organization managed itself through such social constructions that represent the rules, routines, and organizational hierarchies as highlighted by Greenwald (2008). Specifically, they define how the organization operates on a daily basis.

Successes of the Team Collaboration and the Systems or Images that Helped Create the Successes

The team was successful in completing the project due to that each member dedicated much time to research. The attendance to the group discussions was also positive; therefore, members were able to learn from each other. The team employed the intersectional approach to organizational images for the team collaboration that proved successful. Each member was offered a specific task to research and collect information and present their findings during the discussions and also learn from the rest. This factor ensured that all members actively fulfilled their roles in putting the elements of the project together.

Failures of the Team Collaboration and the Systems or Images That Caused the Failures

Time management was a major failure that undermined the team collaborative efforts. The members who came late for the discussions often missed the presentation of the significant ideas. There were also instances where the intersectional approach to organizational image contributed to the failure of the collaboration process. Two of the members had fallen ill during the project timeline leaving the remaining member with extra work so as to keep up with the project schedule.

The Value of Using Images or Metaphors to Improve Future Organizations

The use of images and metaphors in processing information is very useful for organizations in reframing their image in order to conform to the culture and visions for the future. In this regard, they are useful in developing innovative management theories, such as Credo used by Verizon. For example, it allows the current members of the organization to relate to new information with something that they are familiar. This aspect helps to establish a learning organization (Sony & Naik, 2012).

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