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In a jazz night, the performers are always expected to do a great job so as to entertain and move the crowd. Jazz nights always have high attendance of young people who are usually enthusiastic and full of expectations. Therefore, the performers should  be thoughtful on the kind of music they plan to carry out so as to do a great job and make the event glamorous. Besides the music being entertaining, it should also incorporate some educative elements at the same time, especially those touching on the lives of the young people who usually make up the majority in jazz nights. The performers are also expected to play the tenor saxophone with gorgeous depth as well as self-assured flair. They ought to steal the hearts and win the attention and interests of the audience. The audience is normally very keen on sounds, performances, props.

Concert reviews, therefore, basically focus on how well or impressive the performances are. The lists of songs should be listed down in the concert review. Focus on the subjects is the main and the most importance thing. Specific details of the performances as well as all surprises that occur should never be left out. The concert review should also have the dates as well as the venues and even time to be specific. The attendance level must also be indicated. Is it a sparsely-attended or a full house attended event? If there are standing people due to all seats being occupied, then this is an indicator of a well-attended event. The soloists, key players and orchestral conductors ought to be mentioned by their names.

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This event took place at Grossmont College on Sunday, May 18th, at the Recital Hall Building in room 220. It featured jazz improvisation students from the college music department, the director was Derek Cannon.        


Katie Ward performance of Desafinado and Beautiful Love

Combo#1 features Voyage by Kenny Baron, Desafinado by A. Carlos Jobim, Beautiful Love by Bill Evans, Byrd Like by Freddie. The band consisted of Irv Goldstein, Armando Silva, Nick Sullivan Kengo Ito, Chaz Cabrera and Mike Romero with Katie Ward being the singer in this squad. I really love the way this group carries out its performance. The performance is very brilliant as the singer portrays a good mastery and skills in the whole presentation. I am really impressed by the way she is backed up by the band which makes the performance be even more outstanding. There is no little boredom, a fact that is clear even by the look of the audience. Most of them give applause, clapping and nodding movements as the performance progresses (Osborne & Murdocca, 2009). Smiles are drawn all over the faces of the crowd and momentous shouts and cries of joy are witnessed. There is also an excellent coordination of the musical instruments including the guitar, the flute and the solo being played by the seemingly experienced band. The nice and quality sounds of the piano greatly add flavour to the music and dances thereby boosting this performance.        

I also feel entertained by the way the dancing is being done here. The dances really match with the musical instruments as well as the voice of Kate Ward. Indeed, this is one brilliant and commendable performance that is not only entertaining but also educative to the young generation who forms a big proportion of the audience. It can, therefore, be termed fairy as a great performance. The songs Beautiful Love and Desafinado that Ward presented in this event is perhaps one of the best performances ever done in jazz nights. They make the occasion to be a gracious one. She apparently steals the audience’s hearts with all the attention fully being directed to the performance. The stage is also nicely being set with enough space for everyone in the band. I also find the dressing as well as the decorations to be quite impressive and attractive to the eyes as everyone in the band appears so admirable right from the outlook.


Emily Talampas presentation of Bye Bye Blackbird and It Don’t Mean a Thing

The second performance in the jazz night is a presentation by singer Emily Talampas who presents It Don’t Mean a Thing, a song by Duke Ellington together with Irving Mills and Bye Bye Blackbird by R. Henderson and M. Dixon. Among the other choices Talampas had in this category there are In Walked Bud and Well You Needn’t, both of which have been composed by Thelonius Monk. Her band comprises of Kelvin Abel, Zach Armstrong, Miguel Mederos, Jeremy Field, John Fullaway, Mika Miller and Dominic Leak. An important element accredited with this performance is that it leaves the in-gathered people with little sleep. Talampas, a Filipino Americans manages to set the hall in musical fire as her outstanding voile is just irresistible.

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There is great manifestation of talents in this singer who rarely hesitates to involve the joyous audience in the performance (Miyakawa, 2005). She skilfully garnered the audience’s support and attention through her well-designed and cared collaboration and expertise. This is a great show which everyone shows signs of satisfaction and approval to. The presentation also features some unique ideas of traditional dances, something depicting the highly regarded culture in the society. Their clothes fashion is also styled in a manner as to rock the audience and it makes a huge difference. The words composed in the songs are so inspiring and moving, as confirmed in the audience’s nodding heads. Therefore, a careful and close scrutiny of this performance would only rate it as a moving performance as expressed by the exited crowd.

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