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The Family Game

  1. Yoshimitsu Morita is a director of the movie.
  2. The movie was released in 1983.
  3. The film is about a family of Numata. The main heroes of the film are named Kosuke (a salaryman jerk), a mother named Chikako (a housewife) and two sons Shinichi and Shigeyuki who are studying in school. Also one of the main characters is a private tutor Yoshimoto.
  4. The film has several key events. The first event is the parents’ decision to hire a private tutor to improve the performance of their son. This decision leads to a few more events that completely changed the life of the family. The second important event takes place in the last scene of the movie, when the tutor gives disorder during a family dinner to prove that it is impossible to obey the system and generally accepted principles.
  5. The film has a few key concepts. The first and most important concept is the social roles within the family. The father does not have sufficient respect from his wife and children, and he cannot keep everything under control, and the mother does not have enough power to change the situation. The second key concept is the expectations of society. The film forces viewers to confront the common system of rigid hierarchy and the needs of society.
  6. The main historical event that is related to the film is the rapid growth of Japanese economy after the 1970s. In times of turmoil, Japanese society has sought to develop the traditions and promote the importance of family, prestige and so on. However, after that, the majority of families stopped to change the reality, being content with each had.

The Secret World of Arrietty

  1. The film director is Hiromasa Yonebayashi.
  2. The movie was released in 2010.
  3. The film has several main characters. The first is a 12-year-old boy named Sho who had come to visit his grandmother Sadako. Also, the film has the main character named Arrietty who is a young Borrower girl. Arrietty’s father is Pod, and her mother is Homily. There is also a house custodian named Haru (antagonist). They all play the important roles in the film.
  4. The key event of the film, which resulted in the development of the plot, is the arrival of a small Sho to visit his grandmother. There he notices a little Arrietty who escapes from the boy first (but the boy rescues Arrietty from the crows attack). The important event is their meeting when Sho puts a sugar cube in the kitchen. As the story progresses, there are other key events. For example, Arrietty’s escape and her family from Haru, who calls the company to remove the pests to get rid of the Borrowers.
  5. The film has several very complex key concepts. Throughout the film, the main characters (Sho and Arrietty) have uncertainty about the future. Sho is ill, and Arrietty fears for her family. However, the ending of the film gives the audience hope for a better future. The boy has a desire to live, and now he is confident that everything will be okay. In addition, a key concept of the film is the beauty of the world and the triumph of good over evil.
  6. Since the film is a representative of the genre of fantasy, it has no connection to any historical events.

Tony Takitani

  1. Jun Ichikawa is a director of the movie.
  2. Tony Takitani was released in 2004.
  3. The film does not have a lot of main characters. It tells about a man named Tony Takitani who leads a secluded life. One of his clients is a young girl named Eiko. She is also the protagonist. And finally, the third character who plays the important role in this film is a girl named Hisako, thanks to whom Tony is trying to make up for his loss at the end of the movie.
  4. The action of the story begins with the moment when Tony falls in love with Eiko. This event gives rise to all other actions of the film. Further, one of the main events was the death of Eiko, when she was killed in the road accident. After that, Tony demands from Hisako not to wear clothes of Eiko. This is also one of the key events. The latest milestone is the decision of Tony to sell all the clothes of his dead wife.
  5. Loneliness is the key concept of the film. Tony has spent his life in retreat, being lonely and he was completely happy about it. Then, within a few years, his life changes. He finds love and gets married. However, it all ends very quickly, and Tony is again alone. The second key concept of the film is condemned. All people are doomed, and everyone is awaiting for his/her fate in this world. Death of beloved people is irreparable; and clothes that once have been important are now not so significant.
  6. In addition to the story of Tony, the film also partly tells the story of his father Shozaburo, which is associated with historical events. The film shows the hostility of Japanese towards Chinese during the Second World War, as well as the internal social problems associated with adapting to the post-war period. Tony’s peers do not accept him because of his origin that affected his life in the future.

Hear the Wind Sing

  1. The author of the novel is Haruki Murakami.
  2. The book was published in 1979.
  3. The story is on behalf of an unnamed young boy who is a narrator and the main character in the novel. He has a friend named Rat, and they spent a lot of time together in the J’s Bar. The girl without a little finger is also the main character.
  4. The novel contains almost no coherent plot and consists mainly of talking and thinking about its characters. Therefore, it is difficult to identify the main events of the story. The only event that gives rise to the entire subsequent story is the arrival of a young student to his native city for the summer holidays.
  5. The novel carries a little but deep philosophical thought. The key concepts here are self-awareness, people’s place in this world, as well as the formation of a personal path and choice.
  6. Since the novel consists of a personal reflection of the protagonist, it is extremely difficult to find any major historical events that may be related to the book. The only thing that can be related to the historical events is the narrator’s memories of his uncle who hit a mine three days after the end of the Second World War.
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