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If you need to write an essay on helping others, read this useful information. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have found that social support has a positive effect on brain areas associated with stress and reward reactions. When we support people who need help, we activate those parts of the brain that are responsible for parental feelings. We experience the greatest positive effect from targeted assistance (help to a specific person).

The Connection between Helping Others and Our Health

To explore this relationship, psychologists conducted some experiments. Forty-five volunteers supported other people; they had the opportunity to receive rewards for someone close to them who needed money (support for a specific purpose) or for themselves. Either they acted as a benefactor (in this case, support without remuneration, without a specific goal or a specific recipient). Participants noted that their assistance was more effective when they understood to whom it was addressed. After the test, MRI, in order to assess which areas of the brain are activated the most when providing assistance, was done. As the analysis has shown, activity is intensified primarily in the ventral striatum, also known as the “reward center,” and in the septal zone of the brain, which regulates our emotional behavior. It is noteworthy that the higher activation of this zone, when people provided targeted support, was associated with a lower activity of the tonsil, which is sometimes associated with a sense of fear and reactions to stress.

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Positive Effects of Helping Others

People who are in a good mood have reduced content of the stress hormone (cortisol). Healthy laughter reduces the concentration of stress hormones in the body. Outbreaks of anger are accompanied by the release of the aggression hormone (testosterone). When a person does good things, the level of dopamine increases in the body, which automatically evokes pleasant emotions. It has been established a link between acts of kindness and the stimulation of the brain area responsible for the production of endorphins (“pleasure hormones”). Diseases are 9% lower among optimists than among pessimists. Anger, aggression, and dark thoughts lead to heart disease.

By doing a good deed, you literally make the whole world better. At this point, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which has a positive effect on the heart and reduces blood pressure. Oxytocin also helps to slow down the aging process, reducing the level of free radicals. The manifestation of kindness helps to melt the ice and reduces the emotional distance between people. Kindness opens up the worlds of other people. Good people can to find a common language with others much easier. Spiritual improvement of the person is his or her protection from various diseases. People who regularly offer their disinterested help to others are less likely to die over a five-year period. As you can see, kindness and mutual assistance can not only improve your mood but also help you stay healthy and active throughout your life.

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