Brand New Ideas


Generation of new ideas is necessary for constructive business development, introduction of new activities and consistent enhancement of production efficiency. Besides, fresh ideas contribute to self-improvement and qualitative changes which trigger growth and success. Let me list several techniques for effective the generation of new ideas in the business domain.


The given approach was developed by Alex Osborn. The core sense of brainstorming encompasses putting forward the ultimate idea without thinking about how it can be achieved. It is essential to discuss the idea with other people so as to identify all the benefits and potential approaches to implementation. In such a way, the drawbacks and challenges will also emerge. This will also convince you and other people that you can reach the goal and furthermore, will outline the key steps.


The background for this technique is relaxing and creating a clear image of the final outcome you strive for. Be ready that the solution or the bottom line will not come immediately. It is a continuous process that requires daily visualization of the dream.

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Tony Buzan’s Method

This technique is a very creative one. If you need anything new – you should picture it. Literally – picture your goal. The main idea should be in the center of paper. Related images specifying the result should surround the central one so as to provide details. Place such a poster where you can regularly see it. This type of visualization is more vivid and, thus, more effective. The more you envision the result based on the core images, the more ideas for solutions, connections, and improvements will emerge.

The Method of Random Associations

It is necessary to specify a particular object for new ideas. Afterwards, you should construct a key phrase and write down the strongest associations related to it. Do not create them – just follow the flow of thought, focus on random thoughts and unexpected comparisons.

Fritz Zwicky’s Method

First, the object of your concern should be subdivided into several constituent elements based on the morphological principle. Second, each element requires an individual analysis and potential solution/improvement/substitution needed. Third, do not miss the fresh idea that will crystallize consequently.

Play the Game

This game is called Prove Impossible. You should do whatever is considered to be impossible by others. Sell sand in the middle of Sahara, or snow in January, or anything that is more related to your business. Find alternatives, attract, and persuade.

Traps for Ideas

Ideas come unannounced and unexpected. Therefore, be ready to write down one of them if it emerges all of a sudden. Sometimes such ideas are crucial for business. A diary or a recorder is a smart choice for such purposes. Just make sure you write it in a comprehensive manner.

Be creative, follow your dreams, generate authentic ideas, and succeed!


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