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Michelle Obama’s Fashion

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Why Michelle Obama is a fashion icon? Based on her style, many fashion critics and its lovers generate discussions and dissections in the Internet or even in a newspaper next day. Her fashion is always elegant, classy and trendy. Mixing and matching with high-end brand clothing or accessories along with mass-market chains product such as Gap Inc., J. Crew, and Target, which gives her more accessible and friendly view. The important fact is that she does not forget to give a statement while wearing pieces of embellishments like oversized necklaces, brooches, and waist belts; it has grown into her own an often-emulated signature style.

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I like simple fashion. My wardrobe is full of black color clothing. It may seem to be boring, but I find myself more confident and elegant with black color dresses, T-shirts, and black jeans. Imagine a bowl of plain salad with nothing in it - it definitely does not look good, but if itcontains some tomatoes with dressing, it is more likeable. This example shows how I do not forget to give just a little bit of personality by adding some colors or jewelry to my black base. I like to paint my nails with bright red color, wear a red lipstick, tangerine color shoes, oversized twinkle jewelry or leopard waist belt are the things, which make a sustainable contribution to my look.

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On January 21, 2013, during inaugural ceremony, Michelle Obama began to wear a navy blue coat custom designed by Thom Browne to church services and the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol, which was inspired by the fabric of a man’s silk tie. She also wore a necklace by Cathy Waterman with the shoes from J. Crew. Then, First Lady added the jeweled belt from J. Crew to her Thom Browne’s outfit and purple gloves, which she wore after the church and prayer service. Jeweled belt that she wore along with her navy blue coat looked amazing and absolutelyy stunning. The look was simple but refined with right punches of color and texture.

On the same day, Michelle Obama was wearing Jason Wu’s red velvet chiffon halter gown at the Inaugural Ball. This beautiful outfit gave an opportunity to see Obama’s famous strong arms. She had beautiful accessories such as handmade highly-colored ring with a diamond by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, and shoes by Jimmy Choo. She wore minimal number of jewelry and still looked glamorous and fabulous.

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Michelle Obama knows how to keep up with fashion. A lot of fashion observers are delighted by Michelle Obama’s fashion. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate of sophistication.” Her fashion is always simple and recognizable. She has given the American women, especially over 40 years, a chance to dress up impressively, think outside the box and have fun with fashion, just like her.

Buy custom Michelle Obama’s Fashion essay

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