Des Moines Onstage and DM Social Club present a fascinating show Cabaret based on the children’s theatre. The director of the show is a young, brave man named David Van Cleave who unites the audience and the participants explaining the events and talking to everyone. He keeps the balance between the reality of the public and some interesting stories that students represent in this play. David introduces this show in a gentleman’s way. It is pleasant to notice that he wears a strict suit, a tie, and even a hat. Nevertheless, his glasses make him look kind and soft. From the very beginning of this incredible show, it attracts the audience’s attention improving the mood of the spectators. The stage seems ordinary without any specific decorations, but this simplicity creates a new world of the imagination causing the curious audience to plunge into the existent innocence and pureness of children.

The actors are teenagers that adore their occupation and try to share their own happy emotions. Though they do not use  bright costumes or special appearance appropriate for this type of performance, students’ participation allows everyone to reveal personal talents and intention demonstrating diversified personalities of the teenagers. I is a great opportunity to show how different generations and students belonging to distinctive races and genders are united in such a beautiful theatrical program.

Students express what they feel inside their innocent souls being not afraid of making mistakes or accidentally looking imperfect in some parts of the show. It does not matter if a participant forgets the precise words of the songs  as people gathered specifically to create a funny atmosphere. The audience is laughing all the time appreciating every moment of this wonderful perfomance that gives a ray of hope for people to live in peace. Participants behave in a free way showing their dignity and independence. Boys and girls are equal singing and dancing merrily within the whole representation. Besides, the songs seem to be funny, but they contain much sense even playing at the background. Music attracts the whole audience being fun and enjoyable. It is hard for the spectators to be indifferent to such an irresistible desire to open the heart and soul. The voices of the actors are thin, and at times it can be difficult to understand what they sing. On the other hand, such innocence and simplicity entails trust and only positive emotions. Even the sounds of such instruments as saxophone, piano, and trombone make everybody jovial fforgetting about everyday troubles and problems.

I like the general idea of this show that gives an incredible opportunity for every student to express their emotions and joy without regard to the color of the skin or nationality of a person. It is not essential what kind of appearance the participants have because the audience treats artists as personalities in the first place, appreciating and understanding that the feelings they show are true. It is evident that the participants adore this performance as well. They are really interested in it and demonstrate their vital interest in the thankful audience which applauds after every new scene. Additionally, it is a volunteer work that demands many efforts and trainings in order to create something special. It belongs to the so-called child’s art based on hard work and united exertions.

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If I had a possibility to visit this performance, I would do it by all means. There is nothing more pleasant on this planet than sincere and pure children’s feelings. Perhaps, I could take part in this show sharing my personal thoughts with the audience. The way the announcer presents all participants communicating with the audience all the time also pleased me. All in all, it was a great theatrical experience.

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