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Human beings at one point in life do get sick as a result of various infections that exist. Scientists have taken time to study different ways that would help both adults and children to ensure that they develop strong immune systems. It enables them resist diseases that have the potential of not only seriously resulting to pain, but also death in advanced or extreme cases. Ways that have been seen to be effective in strengthening the immune system is the immunization. Immunization is defined as the process of protecting both children and adults against detrimental pestilences. Most of the diseases people are immunized against are infectious. Necessary precaution should be taken before the individual concerned comes into contact with an infected person. Preventing the occurrence is much better and cheaper as compared to treating the diseases.

The body’s natural defense mechanism is used in immunization. The vaccine given enables the natural immune system to build resistance to infections. When the germs responsible for certain diseases show up, the immune system launches a strong confrontation, thus emerging victorious. The person concerned does not fall sick in any way unlike in a situation where there was no immunization in the first place. The individual concerned would succumb to the sickness and if no early and better treatment given, death, disability or, in some cases, serious effects in the cognitive processes is the effect thereof (Lydall 87).

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Every year in the U.S and in the world, high mortality deaths are the result of failed immunization. Research has estimated that more than 2.3 million individuals all over the world perish as the outcome of failed immunization. The diseases that are responsible for the menace include: polio, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and hemophilic influenza. Immunization is administered through injection. In the cases of polio vaccine, the drug is given orally. The person being vaccinated takes the drug as drops by mouth. There is no better way to ensure that all people residing in the United States of America and the world at large stay healthy other than through administering of vaccines by immunization (Scheibner 42). There are many reasons that promote the inability of ensuring that the population around the world fails to get the desired vaccines administered through immunization. The reasons include:

Vaccine Availability

Vaccine inability is a major problem that has affected the United States of America and many other nations in the world. It is a failure of health systems that exist in different countries. Due to inadequate funds allocated by the existing governments, low quality or in extreme cases few drugs are purchased, thus, inadequately serving the population. Geographical barriers have also played a major role in that: some communities, especially in Africa, live in areas that are barely reachable. Reaching these communities is sometimes impossible. It is because of poor infrastructure and language barrier. It has contributed to the inability of vaccines to such communities (Sears 114).

Personal Beliefs

Personal beliefs have hindered the ability of vaccine distribution all over the world including the U.S.  Groups of people or individuals may be unwilling to receive vaccines as a result of what they believe. Like in most of African countries, majority of the population believes that witchcraft can be used to fight evil. In such communities, diseases, such as polio, are perceived to be an outcome of a curse. Due to lack of enlightenment, such people will seek intervention from witch doctors and sorcerers hopping to see wellness to the affected individual (Vieira & Vieira 68).

Improving Immunization Coverage

Immunization is something that should be encouraged everywhere in the world. In order for these to effectively take place, several measures should be put in place to support the medical teams involved in the performance of crucial task with ease. The government of America and all over the world should ensure that adequate funds are allocated to the medical sectors. It will take a long time in ensuring that proper and adequate quantities of drugs are purchased, thus serving the population effectively.

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Strict rules should be given to encourage the population to adhere to calls from the medical sectors involving vaccination. In cases of failure, the individuals concerned should be prosecuted. The measures will ensure that no member of the population either in the United States of America or any other country fails or turns down the call to immunization. Civic education that will enlighten the population about the importance of immunization is also a crucial aspect that should be envisioned. When the population understands that immunization is the safest and most effective way of fighting diseases, many of people will not resist it. Understanding that immunization is painless, as compared to the diseases and the finical implications involved, will challenge the people both in the United States of America and the world to adhere to vaccination calls (Leach & Fairhead 56).

In African countries and in the developing world, improved infrastructure will enable medical teams find it easy to reach the populations in those vast areas and immunize them. Having an interpreter will also help tackle the language barrier issue and cruel cultural beliefs that downgrade the importance of immunization. When immunization is done to enough members of communities both in the USA and around the world, infections will no longer spread as rapidly as they do. The diseases concerned will be wiped out just like the way small pox was fought and the great victory experienced in the fight against polio.

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