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Methods of NegotiatingA History: The Construction of Race and Racism

Health Care Marketing Analysis

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The object of the marketing analysis is health care organization named Scientific Dental Clinic, Kerala, India.

Marketing-mix of the Company (4 Ps)

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Product: the company provides dental implanting services. Unique selling proposition (USP) is highly recognized surgeon that is the only one doctor in the clinic. Medical practice is not varied, it is limited by dental implanting which gives the confidence in the quality of service: one doctor is an expert in one professional field, in contrast to the clinics where enormous range of medical services provided by one doctor is offered.

Price: the price is premium for India but middle for the majority of non-residential clients of the clinic (their main countrie of origin are the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, and some European countries).

Place: the clinic is situated in Kerala, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

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Promotion: the clinic is actively promoted in frames of “dental tourism”. Not only may you get professional service at lower price but also a wonderful trip to a picturesque place in India. Company runs corporate web site ( where testimonials of foreign and domestic (India residents) clients can be found.  

The main target market is obviously wealthy residents of the U.S.A., Canada, and New Zealand aged from 40 to 65, computer and Internet literate, adventure seekers that are ready to take the risk but not ready to overpay for seervice that can cost lower.

There are several reasons that explain the vital necessity of target market understanding in the context of developing a successful marketing plan:

1)    if the target market is undefined or defined incorrectly, the company may fail with selling its product/service because it may turn to be worthless on the marketplace;

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2)     if the target market is undefined or defined incorrectly, the company may receive less revenue than  it could in case of successful segmentation;

3)     there can be several possible target markets but without knowing and understanding them company is not able to extend its business and may operate within the only one.

Buy custom Health Care Marketing Analysis essay

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