Synthesis Essay

The task to write a synthesis essay aims to evaluate students’ critical and analytical thinking. As a rule, a professor asks to work with two or more sources and discuss the information presented in them. Very often, a synthesis essay writing assignment is given for students as an examination piece or a term project. Despite the fact that a synthesis essay is the generalization of the information of several thematic sources, learners should not regard it as a summary of them.

Well-Written Synthesis Essay

A good synthesis essay should be creative, absorbing and arouse interest of a reader from the very beginning. Academic assignments of such type are very useful for students, as they develop critical and analytical thinking and broaden their mental outlook very much. However, scholars very often feel difficulties while completing such an essay for the first time. Below, you can find some recommendations, which will assist your successful completion of such kind of academic task.

Main Requirements for Synthesis Papers

As any other piece of academic writing, a synthesis paper or essay should be free from plagiarism. To prepare it, you should select several thematic sources, read them attentively and make links between the information presented in them. Through the analysis and combination of diverse material, you should create a new piece of writing, which will underline all the top points and demonstrate diverse perspectives of the topic. The thesis statement, which is presented at the end of the introduction, should be original and all-embracing too.  

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Topic Choice

 A rightly chosen topic is the first step to success. A common mistake is to take too vast and general topics instead of narrow and concrete ones. Even if it seems that general topics are easier in terms of searching information, it is not easier to present them in full. You will just get lost among the amount of facts you should read and process. A considerable part of the processed information can appear unnecessary later. Moreover, it would be hard to create a thesis statement with such an approach. Thus, in order to economize your time and efforts, you should choose a short and understandable thesis for your narrow topic synthesis piece of writing.  

Paragraphs Writing

As soon as all the information is read and studied and your thesis is ready, you can start writing the main part of your paper. Remember that in the body you should present the arguments and evidence of your thesis. It is great to divide paragraphs of your paper according to the arguments. Such a method not only helps your readers to understand your point of view, but also makes your editing process easier. All drawbacks are always better to notice while paper is well-structured. Moreover, it will add points to your total score.

Follow our instructions on successful and grounded writing of synthesis papers. Remember to be authentic, concrete and logical. Use proper citation style and provide one piece of thesis supporting evidence in each paragraph. There is nothing impossible for you! Concentrate and start your work! Get only high grades!


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