A dissertation is one of the biggest and most important academic assignments. Such a serious paper needs a strong supporting base. Literature review plays this role. It shows the relevance of your research in the context of other researches. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the dissertation literature review structure. It will evidence your deep understanding of the topic of your research. To write it well, it is vital to start with a neat dissertation literature review outline.

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Dissertation Literature Review: What Is It?

A dissertation literature review displays the current state of a scientific problem. It also demonstrates its significance. Based on the literature review, researchers make a critical analysis of existing solutions. They also formulate an approach to setting research objectives. Before writing a literature review, it is necessary to plan the idea that it should carry. So:

  • The students should conduct an analysis of special literature on the chosen topic. They have to conclude the completeness of the solution to the problem offered by other authors.
  • Students should briefly highlight the works of predecessors. After that, they should outline the problems that remained unsolved. This way, the students can establish their own place in solving the problem.

When writing a dissertation literature review chapter, you create a theoretical basis for your paper. Students usually start with this chapter first and use it as a fundament for the other chapters. It’s necessary to say that the process of writing a dissertation literature review chapter is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of a dissertation. This is due to difficulties – the need to find and critically process a large number of books and articles. The fact that a literature review is usually the beginning of dissertation work plays its role too. Creating a neat dissertation literature review outline will help in this process.

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What Are the Structural Components of a Dissertation Literature Review Outline?

If you are wondering, how to write a literature review for a dissertation, we can help. It is important to understand the key elements of the dissertation literature review structure. Usually, the dissertation literature review outline consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction part provides the general picture of your literature review. It should present the topic of your research. Its importance to the field should be justified here. Provide some background information. Mention the general trends in the literature on the subject. Explain your motivation for choosing specific sources.
  • The main body presents a short general overview of each of your sources. It is the biggest and most important part of the dissertation literature review outline. Here you should point out the main ideas of the source. Analyze the tools and methods offered by this source and point out its strong or weak points. Usually, each paragraph of this section should deal with one piece of literature. You should structure them logically. Choose between the thematical, methodological, or chronological approaches to this part’s organization.
  • The conclusion part summarizes all your findings. It is necessary to make a short summary with repeated justifications of the problem, the working hypothesis, and the main tasks of the research. Here, you should show the applicability of this information concerning the current state of the problem. Discuss the relations between the analyzed sources. It is appropriate to end this section with a brief conclusion on the need for new research to clarify or supplement the existing knowledge.

Guide to Dissertation Literature Review Outline Writing

We’ve prepared some useful information that explains how to write a literature review for a dissertation better. These handy writing tips will help you create a brilliant dissertation literature review outline. So:

  • Your personal opinion is important! You shouldn’t be afraid to provide some criticism of the literary works that you analyze. If you disagree with some points in other scientists’ work, it’s more than okay to express it and offer an alternative! Just make sure to stay professional and respectful while criticizing the ideas and findings of the other authors.
  • Use up-to-date information. Unless you are creating a historical outline, it is best to choose the most relevant sources. They should be applicable to the current development of the field. The material has to meet the criteria of innovativeness and practical usefulness.
  • Stay focused! Determine the main line of your research. Build the dissertation literature review structure and content to support it. It will help you save lots of time and make your paper more logical and comprehensive.
  • Be creative! Besides the stereotype, the section reviewing literature doesn’t have to be boring. Use your creative skills to write an engaging section that will be enjoyable to read.
  • Pay attention to citing. Regularly maintain bibliographic records using specialized programs. Such auxiliary tools adapt the material to the requirements. This will help you format the links and cite your sources correctly.
  • Make a catalog. It will make it easier and more convenient to use the selected and studied literature. A catalog helps systematize the studied sources. It groups them according to specific problems and contributes to the effective organization of work.

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How to Write a Literature Review for a Dissertation

Here is a guide that should explain you how to write a literature review for a dissertation. Dedicate your time and thought to the process to get the best results. It will influence the quality of your theoretical research and determine how your whole dissertation comes out. 

First of all, choose the sources you are going to study.

Use the advice of your supervisor if possible. While selecting the literature, keep in mind the objectives of your study. Think about the methodology you are going to use. Use scientific databases to make the process faster. Keep a list and make bibliographic notes while selecting the books and journals for your research.

Now, it’s time to actually work with the literature.

First, look through the chosen texts to understand the context, theoretical basis, methods, and arguments. Focus on the most suitable sources and read them very thoroughly. Take lots of notes and record your thoughts. Track the information you will use to support your theory. Note the data you find controversial and want to criticize. It will help you build a clear argument line and allow you to write a well-rounded literature review.

Trace the connections.

What are the main ideas and themes? What are the relationships between different sources? Identify the common trends in your research area. Are there some contradictions and debates between different scientists’ approaches? It will help you formulate your thoughts and identify your research focus.

Make sure to prepare a sufficient dissertation literature review outline.

It will help you develop a plan and follow it while working. That’s the best way to stay on track and spread your time efficiently. A good dissertation literature review structure is the backbone of your theoretical chapter. It supports the whole paper.

Use all your accumulated knowledge to write a logical and wholesome chapter.

Keep in mind your dissertation literature review outline to stay focused. Follow your plan and your supervisor’s instructions. That’s the moment when all your notes and bibliographical data will come in handy.

Edit your created paper section.

Ask for your supervisor’s opinion – it can save you from future problems. Dedicate time to proofread your text to get rid of mistakes or typos. Never underestimate this important step! It will help you get a better grade.

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Whenever you ask our writers, “Write a dissertation literature review”, they follow all the instructions and apply the needed style that may differ among educational institutions. We work hard to ensure that no revisions are needed and the delivered paper is great. This approach defines the final result. Here is how we achieve high-quality papers:

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  • Structure. Each student’s paper should have a structure that helps organize ideas and make the paper coherent. Thus, literature reviews should also have headings, subheadings, and other elements that ensure a smooth flow of information and a great presentation of all the data.

As such, each paper is completed in view of important academic tendencies. If you don’t know where to look for reputable sources of information and how to analyze them, use our website with ease to resolve the issue of. Remember that you will find your life to be less stressful if you visit Superb-Essays.com.

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