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Nowadays, advanced technologies become an integral part of modern society. Nobody can imagine communication without the Internet use. Sometimes, the communion over the network substitutes real conversations. Every person can acquire the huge flow of information and learn many interesting facts which can be also connected with the politics. Consequently, the Internet is one of the most powerful information technologies. It affects not only on the scientific and technological progress but also on political processes in society.

Network has its own distinctive features which help it to be an effective tool for obtaining information. The first peculiarity is its openness and approachability. Everybody can get the access to the World Wide Web. Additionally, modern technologies give an opportunity to use the web and not to spend a lot of money. Each person with a below average wealth can be aware of all new and actual events, happened in the world. Second feature is the resistant to outages. The Internet does not have one exact server, thus, it is extremely difficult to cause its malfunction. It is very important when people face the problem of failures other information technologies such as TV or radio. It helps to be in touch with last news even when there is no ability to acquire data from other sources. In addition, internet contents countless amounts of information. Everybody has an ability to find and analyze almost every event happened in the world. Thereby, the politic situation in each country becomes available to the public rapidly.

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From aforementioned, it should be noticed that the usage of the Internet gives an ability to provide a rapid communication between political communities and establish an effective partnership and cooperation. Despite the fact that the most important conversations betwixt Heads of State or Government are carried out by the use of secured phone lines, the World Wide Web significantly simplified the process of interaction. With the use of a computer a large amount of information can be transferred easily. Therefore, almost all international problems can be quickly resolved.

The Internet allows establishing an effective cooperation in the area of international crimes investigation. It is impossible to imagine the way the global security policy could be implemented without the web use. The Interpol has developed the unique database contained the information concerning international criminals which can be used by law enforcement agencies all over the world. It couldn’t be possible without the use of World Wide Web. Furthermore, global interactions can be expressed not only in the form counteraction of criminality. Governments of developed countries use the digital communication in various spheres of international cooperation. Problems, which are discussed, can be connected with social, environmental, economic, and other issues. For example, stock and currency exchanges stop their activity without the possibility to exploit the Internet.

In summary, there is the urgent need to emphasize the fact that all spheres of human activity are directly associated with the use of the Internet. It helps to establish strong international links and effectively solve global problems.

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