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As a family nurse practitioner in the emergency department, I will be committed to enhance the caring touch and perform the functions of a primary care provider through dedication, compassion, strength as well as intelligence in order to make the most effective referrals for patients and families. My core values are excellence, integrity, caring, and professionalism. On a personal level, it will be vital to maintain a personal commitment to live an ethical life by showing honesty and integrity. I know that I will have to find peace and tranquility within myself through inward evaluation by helping others recover from their difficult health situations. I will also strive to make my mind ready to acquire knowledge and maintain a balance in all of my nursing duties. Most importantly, I will build a reputation of a person dedicated to all the goals that I have set in my nursing activities in order to ensure the welfare of families. I want to enjoy each moment of my life by finding joy, love, and happiness in all those who come seeking for my service as a family nurse practitioner. This paper presents my mission and role statement with the belief that I have been exposed to sufficient clinical practices that will enable me to become a professional in the field of family nursing in the emergency department.

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I am a person who exercises professional behavior in my career. I will master every detail of my work and do it to the best of my ability. Managing patients demands patience, tolerance, as well as understanding that is not an easy task, but I will ensure that I handle patients with the total professionalism that is expected from me. I am a self-motivated individual who can work under minimal supervision. Once I understand my roles and responsibilities, I do my part well and complete everything on time. I will translate this in my career to ensure that my employer finds me as a person who can be of great help at the work place. I believe that my passion in family medicine and providing hope to the vulnerable will be a pillar in my career.

However, my personal values and professionalism may differ a bit from what my potential employer will expect from me. The main challenge that I faced in developing my values was that I used to have a negative attitude towards nursing. A potential employer will require that I develop a positive attitude towards the task. The potential employer will require that I professionally deal with patients regardless of their age and gender. It is through developing a positive attitude that I will be able to promote holistic and comprehensive process when offering nursing services to families. I will have to understand all the challenges faced by families such as obtaining a medical cover due to costs involved and difficulties in acquiring quality health services. Now, I do my best in showing competence, compassion, and collaboration when handling families in the emergency department. These are some of the core values that the potential employer will want from me; thus, without changing my attitude, it might be a challenge. In any new environment, the potential employer will require me to adjust to the operations of the new place of work. In this case, one has to adjust before he perfects in whatever practice he or she might be undertaking. This, I believe, will be another challenge that my potential employer may find an issue with me.

A nurse practitioner is a practicing nurse who assists with all manners of patient care such as diagnosis, consultations, as well as treatment. A nurse practitioner can work both in outpatient field independently or as a member of a team. They generally educate patients on preventive care and prescribed treatments (Matthews, 2012). The nurse practitioner’s functions are based on the nursing profession values, theories, and practice as well as offering innovative and flexible health care services. The roles and responsibilities of a nurse practitioner are based on his/her specialty. The specialties include primary care, geriatrics, oncology, pediatrics, and psychiatry (Sammer & James, 2011).

As a primary care nurse practitioner in the emergency department, I will be working in family health clinics or hospitals. I will be offering general preventive assistance and care, carry out checkups, treat illnesses, order laboratory tests, and give medication to both young and adult patients. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I will be performing my work consulting with doctors, especially in children’s ward (Rabow, Wrubel, & Remen, 2009). I may deal with neonates, babies, and older children, maximum of 18 years old in the pediatric ward. Depending on the health center or the hospital, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, I will be keeping my own patients and giving them instructions as for their treatment. As a geriatric nurse practitioner, I will be dealing with elderly patients and their families by offering them treatment and counseling as well as caring about their needs. I will assist doctors in deciding on the appropriate treatment and choosing an exercise program for recovering patients (Matthews, 2012).

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In conclusion, I believe that I will remain committed to my personal role and mission statement. My main aim will be to ensure complete welfare of families in my area of practice. I hope that after a year of practice, I will be ready to join a team of professional nurses working in interdisciplinary field in order to enhance improved care and outcomes in families. I also strive to establish my non-profit organization that will make medicine easily accessible for many families regardless of their economic status. In other words, I believe that I have the passion and strength needed for this task.

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