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Question 1: Reflection

An easily observable event that relates to the nursing theory is the aspect of communication among physicians in caregiving. More often than not, there is a focus given to the communication network that may be established between the team of caregivers and the patients. Such is the key to the establishment of the vital relationship that is crucial in the course of recovery and the entire duration of a hospital stay. Focus tends to shift away from the critical physician-physician communication. The benefits that may come from it are thus overlooked with the ultimate result of limiting the realization of all the core objectives outlined for pursuit in nursing (Reed & Shearer, 2011). When all the components of nursing care are not attended to in the capacity anticipated it is only logical to realize a dip in quality of the services rendered. As such, the patient satisfaction index is mitigated.

Physician-physician communication is the primary determinant of the relationship that may be established among the caregivers, thus the creation of the sought-after teamwork. A fully functional nursing care team is an equivalent of eradication of the typical errors that frequently come into the fold. Admittedly, teamwork is ideal for the development of a culture of consultation so that negligence and human error would be efficiently curtailed (Reed & Shearer, 2011). All the patients would also be attended to as a result of the careful coordination of the team of nurses taking charge of it.

Question 2: Laws of Nursing

Nursing practice requires specific guidelines that need to be used as a benchmark to ascertain a uniformity. There are the ideas in practice meant to be followed by all the cadre of nurses. It is the guidelines that keep together the vital principles of nursing so that the ideal sustainability is realized. When there is a standard reference made to primary practice, there is the chance that quality of care would be improved owing to the relevant approaches used in pursuing all the pre-outlined goals (Reed & Shearer, 2011).

At the forefront of the established ideas in practice is the requirement for licensure. All nurses are required to be the holders of practitioner licenses to be able to practice. Such is an indication that the individuals have met all the outlined nursing standards after undergoing the training ethics. Otherwise, any practices that are not in accord with the nursing requirements may result in the licenses being revoked.

The other practice that could be regarded as a law is the disciplinary actions taken in the event of violations of the nursing requirements. Various levels of violations have different ways in which they are penalized. The same is consistent with all the elements of nursing. Nursing mentorship is also consistent with all the aspects of nursing (Reed & Shearer, 2011). Such a step is imperative in the due training of nurses till they become competent professionals.

Question 3: Differences among Nursing Philosophy, Science, and Theory

Nursing philosophy is the foundational and universal assumptions on which the elements of nursing practice are based. The belief system utilized as a benchmark in guiding the day to day practices in nursing and decision-making comes from the philosophy used. Philosophy is also critical in the establishment of the nature of knowledge that could be applied in the different approaches employed in nursing (Reed & Shearer, 2011). The essence of knowledge and reason used in nursing are developed from philosophy on the same.

Nursing science in its turn manifests in the form of the specific knowledge that results in the establishment relationships for human responses. Based on the elements of science, the pharmacology of the various drugs may be deduced. Nursing as a science enables the ideal aspect of research to be conducted. The ultimate success attainable in nursing is significantly attributable to the research carried out to keep up with the emerging trends. With the ever-changing forms of disease-causing pathogens, it is only logical that competent research is staged to keep up.

Lastly, nursing as a theory forms the basis of the practice and daily decision-making. The several approaches that could be used in the in the field of nursing emanate from the fundamental nursing theories. Thus, the morality of nursing practice could be attributed to the core objectives outlined.

Question: Ethics and Nursing Theory

The essence of the nursing theory depends on the relevant values on the same. The ethical concepts only come into the fold upon a comprehensive review of the theory that relates to them. Aspects of ethics in the standing of consequentialism outline the correctness of the moral responses that may be used in a nursing perspective (Reed & Shearer, 2011). However, it is the essence of the nursing theory that comes into the fold to determine the likely outcomes that would be deduced from the variety of approaches in use.

The regular nursing practice depends on the theories that have been developed from the various nursing standpoints. Ethics have the primary role of dictating the strategies to be used in the field of nursing. As such, all the critical decisions that may be made in the course of dispensing with the nursing research have to relate to the ethics identified to be relevant and applicable in the same measure. The rights and responsibilities of nurses may, therefore, be honored. The result is the observation of the rights of patients. Such practices have a direct impact on the quality of care that is rendered (Reed & Shearer, 2011). The theories in practice when adhered to are bound to translate a competent care to eradicate the increasing cases of hospital readmission. Hence, nursing objectives are thus achievable.

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