Concert Report

I attended a concert that took place at my university. I am studying at a music school, so attending such events has not only a cognitive but also a learning function for me.

I really love music, especially the sound of live instruments; I was lucky to hear many masterly performed works of different styles and genres of modern and classical music at this concert.

Classical Music

Many people admire the beauty of classical music. It is majestic and mysterious. These melodies make you think about many things and mentally move to unknown worlds. Young musicians performed the most famous works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi at this concert. In addition, some students presented their own music created in the classical style. The audience was delighted. By the way, in addition to students and teachers, many other viewers, ordinary residents of the city, attended the concert too. It is very pleasant that people find time for creative development.

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Modern Music

Speaking about modern music, which sounded at this event, I do not mean hits of pop artists. Most of the repertoire of this part of the concert was composed of famous jazz and blues songs. In addition, several legendary rock ballads were performed here too. Some melodies were accompanied by a beautiful vocal performance. My favorite instruments such as a saxophone, a trumpet, a clarinet sounded here. Metal wind instruments are considered to be the main ones in jazz. They sound very sensual and energetic at the same time.

Importance Of Conducting Musical Concerts

I liked the program of this event and its preparation. All the artists coped with their task perfectly. Teachers worked well with students and rehearsed the most complex melodies. Conducting such concerts is of great value for students and the public life of the city. Practice is the best way to gain skills and knowledge. No doctor started working in the hospital after just one theoretical course; it is preceded by many years of observations of the actions of experienced doctors and professors. The same applies to music. It is necessary to listen to the correct versions of the melodies constantly and vice versa, to demonstrate your skills to the public, to get an honest assessment of your skills, and to know on what you need to work more. Such events are a great opportunity to combine these things. First-year students listen and remember the peculiarities of musical technique, and older students show their talent. In addition, such activities are important for society. This is an opportunity for cultural and intellectual development. If you think that a concert of instrumental music is boring, you are very mistaken. You can take your mind off the routine and get a real aesthetic pleasure here. It is also a good chance for musicians and their teachers to demonstrate their mastery to people and get their opinion about it. Music makes human life more interesting and fills it with new bright colors. Value the sound of real instruments.

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