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Currently, we observe the rapid technical progress and the development of the information media accompanied by various technological processes. As a result, such advancements make people increasingly dependent on the Internet, television, digital devices as compared to the printed media. This is especially noticeable when it comes to advertising. Although advertising is available on social networks, reference websites, information blogs, and other electronic sources, the print media, in particular, newspapers, still remain the most popular and most reliable channel of information as well as the most effective way of advertising. Since newspapers have been convenient and simultaneously profitable form of advertising, thereby offering undeniable benefits for clients and agencies, they are considered the primary mass media tool for efficient advertising.

In fact, many marketing experts consider newspaper advertisements the oldest form of advertising that is also highly credible due to its illustrious history. It played an undeniable role in the growth of developed cities and small communities. To illustrate, people have been using paid advertisements to demonstrate the products and services of the enterprise since the growth of cities. Obviously, owing to advertisements in newspapers, enterprises enter large markets. For the fixed price, an advertising agency can target certain groups of consumers as advertisements are usually placed in certain sections for reading. Newspapers have gained substantial publicity as businessmen and agencies usually prefer utilizing newspapers to promote a particular product or service. For example, recently, a new study by Galaxy Research regarding consumer confidence in advertising content has revealed that the audience (the users of the given media) trust the advertisements most in newspapers followed by cinema, radio, magazines, and digital media (Burbury, 2017). Newspapers have a long history, and people have always resorted to this source of information to learn the latest news of political affairs and other spheres of life. Therefore, the advertisements placed in different sections of a newspaper can gain more trust among readers in contrast to the cutting-edge information media. At the same time, national, regional, and public newspapers have greater credibility when it comes to the quality of content.

Advertising in newspapers is very convenient in terms of payment. Its cost depends on several aspects, including the size of a leaflet or brochure, the category where an advertiser wants to place it, the frequency of launching the advertisement, and the possible use of color printing. Trade representatives of each newspaper inform advertisers about the price of the print and terms of the agreement. Furthermore, such specialists may also help to develop the advertisement itself. It is essential to note that the prices in newspapers are cheaper than advertising on television, radio, and via direct mail. Cooperation with newspaper publishers when creating an advertisement helps to avoid additional costs. If the daily advertising in newspapers is too expensive for the advertiser, the newspaper offers advertising in those sections that are in print, for example, once or twice a week (EnterpreneurNetwork, n. d.). Consequently, the interaction between advertisers and publishers contributes to successful marketing campaign and higher revenue for both parties. Again, advertising in newspapers is more affordable than in many other media channels, which enables a client to keep within the budget on the campaign.

Another key feature of newspaper advertising is interconnection with online resources. Such correlation is due to the fact that most readers of printed version of the newspaper visit the advertiser’s website if they indicate it in their advertisement (Hansen & Machin, 2013). Marketing experts argue that advertising agencies should design their newspaper campaigns in such a way that it can stimulate their exchange online, on the Internet, and in other places where communication can take place (PrintPower, n. d.). Additionally, advertisers want consumers to receive information about their product or service wherever they are. Thus, newspapers allow readers to go online using bridging technologies, such as QR codes (PrintPower, n. d.). Furthermore, an advertising newspaper offers a well-thought-out integration of offline advertising and online presence. Clearly, the interconnection of online communications and advertising in newspapers only increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This is especially important today, as digital technologies take a prominent place in people’s everyday life, which is an opportunity for the newspaper edition to gain new benefits from their existence.

Electronic versions of newspapers are another key element that allows the print media to keep pace with technology. Additionally, they create even more opportunities for advertisers. The use of both platforms helps above all to further expand the target audience and reach two completely different markets. In fact, digital advertising is another promising technique of promoting a product or service. Such advertising can attract the attention of those people who are not able to afford a printed version of the newspaper or simply prefer online media channels. Hence, many newspaper publishers are developing the electronic versions of their editions to ensure that they cover the entire target market.

The emotional aspect also enhances the effectiveness of advertising. Marketing experts believe that newspapers are an emotional environment. Being a source of news that sometimes can be startling or unsettling, newspapers affect people’s thoughts and knowledge, increasing collective consciousness. They serve a purpose of a forum for expressing opinions and providing useful information, thereby stimulating emotions and encouraging the readers to be attentive to every detail in the paper. The NMA UK’s neuroscience research has found that advertising in newspapers is capable of causing profound emotional reactions that are stronger than the same advertisements on television, radio, etc. (Hansen & Machin, 2013). Tracking marketing campaigns confirm the increased emotional identity of readers.

Clients and agencies also have considerable advantages when placing their advertisements in newspapers. It is a well-known fact that a successful advertising campaign is a base for profitability, and the most appropriate advertising option for the business depends on the target audience. The newspaper has the widest readership among the mass media, which is a great advantage for customers. Accordingly, the choice of advertising technique must also include a proper environment for the product or service, and the newspaper provides such opportunities. For example, if agencies and clients know that a target audience reads a particular print edition, they usually advertise their services or products in this publication. Evidently, the newspaper can facilitate the promoting campaign by reaching a wider range of clients. Classified lists are in subject headings in a specific section, which makes it easier to draw attention of a certain category of consumers (Business Queensland, 2016). Clients and agencies choosing newspaper advertisement considerably improve the outcomes of their advertisement campaigns. Recently, he newspaper Marketing Agency conducted the largest study in the UK and demonstrated the results of the effectiveness of advertising in national newspapers (TheGuardian, n.d.). The study entailed participation of over twenty thousand respondents and more than ten multimedia campaigns. They included the automotive, food, cosmetics, retail, home appliances, healthcare, and other spheres. The conclusion was uncompromising stating that the brand’s advertising campaign, which places its advertisements in newspapers, can be twice as effective as the one that does not do this. The findings also suggest that advertising in newspapers may be additional to advertising in digital media. Definitely, this should be a key aspect for advertisers when promoting a new product or service.

In conclusion, despite the technical growth and optimization of electronic media, newspapers still remain one of the most popular places for advertising. According to many studies, they are the most reliable sources, and people2 trust them more than television, radio, social networks, etc. Advertising in newspapers has many advantages for advertisers who offer their goods and services. Most importantly, newspapers have the widest target audience, which allows advertising to attract more consumers and eventually expand the market. Obviously, it offers undeniable benefits for customers and agencies. Furthermore, newspapers have other positive aspects, such as efficiency, reliability, integration with other sources (for example, with websites), connecting and sharing, and prevalence. Consequently, it enables the newspaper to be a highly competitive source of information among other media.

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