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Art teacher is a tutor who specializes on art education. That is the learning based on the painting, drawing, sculpture and design in jewelry, fabrics, and weaving, including home furnishings and commercial graphics. The proposed study is made to find the challenges art teachers undergo during their teaching career, such as lack of appreciation from their employers, as well as teachers being in charge of other disciplines working in the same environment. It creates a feeling of solitude and isolation that affects the teachers psychologically, thus disturbing their social life emotionally and inhibiting confidence in performance of their duties. Self-confidence is a necessity for a teacher before getting in front of the class to teach. Lack of confidence leads a tutor to give part or none of the information essential to the students. The negative responses the teachers get from the students may be a hiccup. Studies show that an art was perceived to dwell on the past and lacked new ideas of making it better and updated. With the current technology in the world, machines are employed to make work easier, more efficient and effective thus making quality items (Delacruz 85).

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Lack of morale and incentives to art teachers when the subject is performed well in different institutions is a challenge that should be investigated. Most institutions put emphasis on the science subjects and the respective teachers get to enjoy the benefits of attention drawn in that field. The science teachers acquire benefit through presents and gifts leaving art teachers disadvantaged. It lowers the drive of teachers that go to the extent of quitting their jobs in some institutions. For any worker, when excellence is realized in his or her work, the lack of positive response of job well done from his or her boss may not trigger his or her performance in the next evaluation but rather it may depreciate. Low payment of the art subject as compared to other subjects is difficult for the art teachers. Studies reveal that art teachers have had low pays even to the extent that when pay review is done among the teaching staff, their pay remains constant or with little variations, as opposed to other teachers whose pay is increased. It leads to weakening of self-sacrifice of art teachers and change of attitude towards the subject.

Lack of recognition of art teachers by various institutions, where the subject is taught, remains a challenge. The staff in charge of management in different institutions lacks an acknowledgement of art teachers in the sense that when school facilities are being distributed, art teachers trail in the list. For instance, in accommodation facilities, a priority is given to other teachers, while art teachers get a chance to have the inferior one or lose it completely. Inadequate art teaching aids, tools and facilities in schools are a hiccup to the art teachers. Lack of facilities, such as specialized buildings made for art work that are well demarcated, according to the various activities of art work, make the work not easy for the art teachers during their practical lessons. The nature of art, as a lesson requires enough space to work on and its deficiency may be a limiting factor (Delacruz et al. 71).

Lack of crucial tools required in sculpture making as efficient machines used in place of hand chisel for casting and carving leads to the art teachers making assumptions that their lesson is understood. Considering that tangible evidence is assimilated in the brain is easier than imaginations. It also becomes difficult for the art teacher to do an assessment of the lesson. Teaching aids as books and videos about sculpture and design may be limited in most of the institutions. It gives the art teachers hectic time in expressing and highlighting crucial points to the students. Lack of enough materials for designing jewelry and the jewels required in the study gives the art teachers difficulties in explaining how the jewels and the materials should be mounted. Because of deficiency of fabric materials used in designing different items, such as leather used in designing handbags and in making musical instruments, such as drums, force the art teachers to use papers as teaching aids in description of real procedures followed in making handbags and drums.

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There is a need to study the challenges encountered by art teachers in order to make their lives better by limiting fears. Studies indicate that strong art educative lessons have demonstrated great increase of students’ performance in various other academic sites. The studies show that because of the art activities, brain of the students is exercised in the right hemispheres and expands their thinking. It is hoped that after the study new ideas of tackling the issue will be generated and solutions to curb the problem from extending will be found. Then equality may be realized among the teaching staff hence harmonization. When analysis is done, ways of making the art teachers appreciated may be achieved hence they will get the respect they deserve.

Determination of the projected analysis is to see how effect of underappreciation of art teachers creates impact on the lives of art teachers; how they receive underappreciation from their employers, fellow teachers and also from the students; how low payment issues may affect art teachers. The way negative responses originating from the students being taught may affect art teachers.

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The intent of the analyses is to define the causes of low payments of art teachers as compared to other teachers of other disciplines. It will also determine the causes of underappreciation of art teachers in different institutions to establish the reason for negative responses the art teachers get from their students. It also intends to find out the basis of lack of recognition of art teachers by various institutions, to establish the causes of lack of morale and incentives to art teachers when the subject is performed well in different institutions, to determine the cause of lack of balancing during procurement of teaching aids and equipment, including construction of buildings used in practical learning.

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